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I recently used this forum to get recommendations for “Best Guides” at Falcon. Thank all of you for responding. The quides recommended all sound excellent and I have booked trips with some of them. I want to report on one of my first two trips/quides at Falcon.

Robert McFarlane, 956-857-7314 was excellent. He has lived and quided at Falcon for decades. He is a strict catch and release advocate (good!). He worked several of “his” know hot spots with good results. He always put me in position to catch the fish. This may sound obvious, by many guides will spend most of their time and effort fishing hard so that “the boat” catches a 10 pounder and 50 more, even offering to have you pose with a fish they caught (!!). They then report a great day when your best was a 3 pounder! By this I mean that many guides spend too much of the time you’ve paid for fishing instead of helping you fish! You will not have this problem with Robert. He obviously takes great pleasure in his client boating great fish. I landed a 9# 11oz best ever dream fish for me(I am not a regular fisherman, unfortunately), a 6# 4oz and 18 more. Robert is a great guide for any level fisherman.


Got back last night from another trip to Falcon and as always, great time. Fished Thurs and Fri and the wind was relentless. Fished with Robert McFarlane and he was a pleasure to have as a guide. Getting us on the fish was his number one priority and not once did I feel “front decked”. We didn’t get a DD, but I lost two fish that I still have a stomach ache about. Best 5 probably mid 30’s with biggest going 8.6. For the most part, we were using Strike King 6XD’s in Gizzard Shad, in fishing anywhere from 7ft to 15ft with rocky bottoms. Crank’ em four or five times and then slow it way down. Brush hogs worked as well, but the crank bite was most effective.
Never felt any pressure from other boats, but it was the busiest I’ve seen it.
  Gonna try to post pics, we’ll see if it works.


My wife and I have planned to fish Falcon for quite awhile…. We couldn’t have had a better trip! We fished with Robert McFarlane and he was awesome. He fishes along with you, but never front ending you, or taking away the chance for you to get that trophy fish. We fished for two days, but day one, we will always remember.  On day one we caught two 6’s, four 7’s, and a 10lber. Mixed in there was 30-40 1-4lb fish.

On day two, after a NASTY storm rolled thru Zapata, the weather changed on us. The temp dropped about 5 degrees and the wind all but disappeared. Fishing on the second day shut off the big girls. We still managed a about 20-30 bites but all in the 1-3lb range. We did manage a 4 and 5lb fish though. 
Day one was by far the best, and getting my new PB at 10.6, I couldn’t really be happier. BIG BIG props to ROBERT MCFARLANE!!!!


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