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       Fishing Report…

August 4, 2017

Every day that passes, our water level is continuing to drop.   We are now at 38.44′ low. In one day we dropped 0.03′.


Scouting Report
August 1, 2017

The Double ” R” had an open day so we hit the water bright and early and this is what met us….

Today was practically a replica from yesterday, as far as air temperatures were concerned. Today was 105°, with sunshine mixed in with partly cloudy sky’s throughout the day.  F

We continue to have water temps in the high 80’s.

Our water clarity still hasn’t changed. Even though we’ve had actual days without those big winds, we are still having windy evenings and nights. This still does not not help much with the water clarity improving.

As far as fishing, lets see, it started out really slow, it’s what’s we know as T.O.U.G.H.! We went just about 3 hours before putting a true bass in the boat. Finally, we were able to break that omen, and ended up boating 25 fish for the day. Our biggest fish was a solid 4. On one cast, we thought Robin had a big fish on, but when she finally got it to the boat, it was a carp that probably weighed 4# and it was fouled hooked. Boy were we in for a surprise when we saw it. You just never know what your going to catch here on Falcon. Year’s ago, when fishing, you were generally pretty confident what you were setting the hook on, but lately there have been some surprises, ranging from alligator gar, tilapia, gasper goo, crappie, white bass, along with a carp, as well.

Once we starting putting bass in the boat, moving baits were our key early in the day, but as the day continued, the carolina rig produced.

I know I’ve said this before, but Falcon is fishing different from day to day. Don’t hesitate to try fishing a different type of rig, if what your using isn’t producing. These bass use to be predictable year’s ago, but not anymore.

Here’s Robin with the bigger fish today..

July 31, 2017

Hit the water bright and early this morning as we are in for another hot day.

Air temps rose again today, actually 104° to be exact, with alot of sunshine. However, we did have a slight breeze out of the east in the morning, and about noon, the easterly breeze turned into a westerly breeze.

Water temps are continuing to increase. The majority of the water fished today, we found in the high 80’s.

Water clarity hasn’t changed much. It’s still muddy on the north end of the lake, and clears up south.

Today we only boated 22 bass along with a couple of white bass. Our biggest fish did not make it in the boat, she had just a few more feet to the boat and she shucked the bait right back at us. She was a good solid 7.

The Double “R” is still fishing the same patterns that we have for quite some time now.

As usual, we are still dropping with our lake level. We now are seeing good sized trees being exposed in the main river channel along with some rock piles that are just barely below the water surface near the main channel as well. So if you are not familiar with Falcon as low as it is, take extra precaution when running the lake. Also, the Valleno bridge is now 6″ to 8″ out of the water. So pay special attention to where the buoy’s are marking the end of the bridge on the north end for running out to the main  lake.

Here’s a picture of the County Boat Ramp. As you can see, we are down to one lane for launching…

Scouting Report
July 29, 2017

Robin and I went out today to see how the lake looked. It has been several days since we hit the water, due to the numerous windy days that we’ve had recently.

Todays high was 106°, with a slight breeze. Thank goodness the humidity wasn’t real high or it would have been absolutely miserable.

The north end of the lake is really off color. It’s actually a muddy color. As you venture south, heading towards Marker 9, the water becomes more of a chalky color.

With the water clarity like this, it is important to remember to throw colors that are more visible to these fish.

Our lake is drastically dropping on a day to day basis and we are really hurting as far as not having much cover in the water these days. There’s just not a whole lot for these fish to hold on right now, and what cover is left, they are holding tight to it.

Our water level right now is at 262.91, which puts us 38.29′ low. The water level has dropped .04′ since yesterday. The County has graciously come in and somewhat revamped the ramp to accommodate the water dropping.

Today we boated 22 fish. Out of these fish only one was undersized. The majority were good solid 2# to 2-1/2# fish. Our biggest fish was around the 4# range. We had alot of bites that we didn’t capitalize on, but it’s hard to say if all missed bites were bass.

Plastics and patience worked for us today. We were able to throw more of a variety of colors than in the past to catch these fish.

The bite is actually zero to none. When working your plastics, play close attention to both your bait and line, as these bass are not “ticking” the bait.

The Double “R” will be back at it again tomorrow and will provide another report for all.

July 14, 2017

Had a trip today with Raymond.  He’s from San Antonio.

Today was absolutely ridiculous as far as air temperature. It was already hot and humid at 6:00 a.m. And by the time to call it a day, it was well over 100° and sunny.

Our water temperature was 86° about mid day, and as the day went on, the temperature did slightly increase.

We caught about 20 fish today. We had a chance to boat 2 really good fish, but both fish had other intentions and we ended up loosing both of them.  One fish was between an 8 to 9, while the second fish was a good heavy 7. Sure would have liked for us to have gotten both fish in the boat and on the scale.

Plastics seemed to be our productive way to fish today.  This lake just isn’t consistent anymore. Falcon is fishing different every day. There are two things you have to remember. You need to be patient and wait these fish out; and figure out their feeding times in the areas you are fishing.

Water clarity is still off color in areas and semi clear in other areas. The off color areas are somewhat attributed to our lake falling like it is.

Right now we are sitting at 37.01′ low, from a full a full pool of 301.20.

The Double “R” has some days open. This time of year is a fun time to fish, even though we have some pretty hot temperatures going on here right now. So, give us a call and we’ll hit the water looking for these ‘ole green backs.

July 8, 2017

Fished today with a couple of really nice guys today from Uvalde, Alfredo and Victor. We were suppose to have a nice, hot, non windy day. Some of the weather predictions were correct, well depending on where you were fishing on the lake.

On the north end, we had waves maybe about a foot and a half, slight wind, and sunshine. Mean while on the south end, we had massive 5 footers, high winds, and an over cast sky.  It really was wild, one minute we were battling 5 footers and without a blink of an eye, we were in waves a foot and a half.

Air temperatures were hovering around 100°.

Water temps were in the high 80’s.

We caught somewhere of 35 fish today, actually probably more, but we lost count. We did not catch any fish over 2-1/2# today. So I consider today a slow day for the Double “R”.

Moving baits worked for us today. That’s one thing about Falcon, each day is like fishing a new lake, you just never know what this lake is going to give you.

Heres a few pics of the fish caught today..

July 7, 2017

Robin and I hit the water today as we had not been on the water in a week. We were out of town and arrived back in Zapata last Saturday, but due to the high winds this past week, we were not able to get out, until today.

When we headed out this morning, the wind was suppose to be minimal. It wasn’t. The wind picked up and man, there were some really good rollers on the lake, making it difficult to fish areas. About half way through the day, the wind did slow down, but not for long. Not soon after, it picked up again and a heavy rain storm hit. Almost made it off of the water before this storm hit, but we had to run in it to get back to the boay ramp. It eventually stopped , but we could tell Round II was coming. And it did. We just made it back to our place, and were able to cover the boat just as the wind really picked up and it started pouring. The temps cooled off at that point, I would say a good 20° lower.

Air temps were in the 80’s this morning, and continued to go up through the day. If the wind hadn’t blown, it would have been really hot on the water.

Water temperatures were 85.4° to 86.9° throughout the day.

The water is really off color right now. And that’s due to the windy days we have been having. It’s going to take a while for these waters to stabilize and look good again.

Today we boated 30 bass. We also had a catfish and 4 white bass. Moving baits were key. Our plastic rigs were not producing today, we only caught 2 fish on plastics. Our big fish was 6-1/4#. We did have another good fish on, but she came unbuttoned right at the boat. She was a good solid 8#.

Our lake is dropping tremendously. It’s now 36.23′ low. So we are sitting at 264.97. That’s .07′ lower since yesterday. The county ramp is now down to one lane. And as far as the State Park Boat Ramp, there’s not much water in the channel, maybe 2′. If the water drops more, which it will, we will be launching off of the point down at the State Park.

We will be back on the water tomorrow morning. The wind is “supposed” to lie tomorrow. We’ll see how accurate the weather prediction is. Stay tuned…

Here’s the 6-1/4……

July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July from the Double “R” Guide Service, along with Robin and myself, here at Falcon Lake.


July 1, 2017

We are back in Zapata now. Robin and I headed to Springtown last weekend to celebrate our sons​, Codie, 39th birthday.  We also visited Robin’s sister and family in Wylie for a few days.

Day 2 Scouting Report
June 20, 2017

Today is Day 2 for scouting. Robin and I headed out early this morning, after putting in a 10 hour day on the water yesterday.

We had absolutely no wind today until around 2:30. At 2:30, the wind started blowing east southeast, turned out of the north, and then turned again out of the east southeast. Having the wind show up this afternoon sure helped as until that time, it was HOT (103°) and border line miserable.

Even though the weather was hot, fishing was actually pretty good. We boated 54 fish, lost about 15 fish. The 54 fish is a decent number, but it’s what we caught within that number that counts. We actually had a 9 lb. 11 oz., 5 lb 13 oz., 5 lb. 09 oz., another one over 5 lbs (we did not weigh), and a solid heavy 5 to a light 6. So our best​ 5 went 32+. We also had some quality 4’s as well.

Along with these nice quality bass, we also boated 3 catfish today. And one of them was a doozy! It took quite some time to get her up and in the boat. We guesstimated her to weighing at least 50 lbs, and she mangled the 5/0 hook. The other 2 catfish may have weighed 4 oz. together.

The water temps were 88.6° to 89.8° where we fished. Since this was a scouting day, we checked a lot of new areas looking for good quality fish and a concentration of fish.

Today moving baits, and as in the past, plastics were our key.

The lake is continuing to keep dropping. Our county boat ramp is back to one lane.

Since this was Day 2 of scouting, we put another 10 hours on the water. Just another day on the water for the Double “R” Guide Service.

Here are pictures from today…

5 lbs. 13 oz….


50 lb. catfish…

Catfish video…


Mangled hook from catfish…

5 lbs. 09 ozs…

9 lbs. 11 ozs…..

Video of the 9 lbs. 11 ozs….


9 lb. 11 ozs on scale…..


Scouting Report
June 19, 2017

We have not been out in a week due to very windy conditions. So, with the wind “supposedly” going to cooperate today, it was time to hit the water. It was humid this morning but absolutely gorgeous with a slight wind with a lot of sunshine.

Today’s temp’s got up to 105°, with the heat index it was much warmer.

The water temperature ranged from 85.7° to 89.4°.

Water clarity remains the same — off color to semi clear in areas.

44 fish were boated today. The biggest being a heavy 4. We also had several nice solid 3’s in the mix. These fish are decent fish to catch, but not what the Double “R” is looking for. Since we are open tomorrow, we will be heading back out looking for better quality fish.

June 12, 2017

Another day on the water, and another hot day! Today’s temperature was no different than what we’ve been having. The morning started out in the low 80’s, and quickly rose past 100°. Add sunshine, little wind, giving a perfect formula for tremendously warm weather.

For once, the wind did not blow much, it actually blew little to none; although it was predicted to blow up to 11 today.

Our water is still off color to semi clear. It seems as if one area will be off color for several days and then clear up, while other areas vice versa.

Water temps stayed around 85.6° most of the day. I see our water temps slowly rising each week.

Today we caught 29 fish. About half were keeper fish, with our big fish being a heavy 7 lbs. 11 oz. She actually was caught on the 3rd cast this morning on a moving bait.  This bass also had a hook in her mouth with a broken off piece of monofilament hanging out of her mouth. We also boated a nice solid 5+ pounder along with several 4# to 4-1/2# fish. A lot of these fish came off of texas and carolina rigs.

I am amazed at how many Crappie and White Bass we are also catching. Several of both species were boated today and really good size as well.

Unfortunately, we are now dropping our lake level. I knew it was too good to keep what water we got recently. Seems like it disappeared just as soon as we got it.

There are not many people here fishing right now. The County Ramp kind​a looks like a ghost town, with maybe 7 to 10 rigs here today. This time of year, most folks won’t go out due to the heat, and if they do, they will come in by noon or go out late in the afternoon.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the 7 lbs. 11 oz. fish boated and the 5+….


June 11, 2017

As of this morning, Falcon has come up again…..05′.  Our water level is now 32.89′ below full pool.

June 7, 2017

Got on the water today with a predicted and accurate 4 to 7 mph wind to blow out of the northeast. And we actually started out with a northeast breeze blowing, but not long after, it turned out of the south, and then immediately rotated and moved out of the west; all within a couple of hours. And then it came to an abrupt stop. Once our breeze stopped, the lake looked like ice, not a ripple could be found. (The Double “R” actually prefers just a slight ripple versus none, as we think the fishing is a little better).

When the breeze died, the air temperature soared and hit 100 pretty quick, plus, add alot of sunshine and it became hot and steamy in no time.

Today we found water in areas that had a slightly greenish tint.

Water temps are now increasing upward to the mid 80’s, with the warmest water found today being 85. Our water is going to continue to warm as we transcend into our really hot summer months here on Falcon.

Today we boated 29 fish, our big fish was a good solid 5, with a couple of heavy 4’s as well. Besides catching Largemouth Bass, there were some good quality White Bass boated as well. The White Bass were an extra as we were not actually not fishing for them.

Our fishing patterns remain consistent; moving baits and plastics.

The Double “R” does everything we can to continue to keep up with these fish along with what our lake conditions are doing, so that we may provide our clients with the best knowledge and necessary information there is. All you need to do is give us a call to set up a date and we will go fishing.

June 4, 2017

Robin and I went out today for a few hours today to see if our areas were still producing and to look at a couple of different areas. We decided not to stay out all day as there are several club tournaments here and they are weighing in at our county ramp.

Water clarity continues to vary from the north end to the south end. You will find the usual off color to semi clear water as this lake has had for quite some time now.

Water temps also continue to be consistant as we have reported. Temps are ranging from 80 to 85 according to the areas we fished.

Starting out we had a slight breeze that continued until we got off of the water at 1:30. Air temps were warm at take off as it was about 80 and gradually increased to the high 90’s, by 1:00.

Today we boated 27 fish with a good heavy 4, several 3’s, and actually lost one right at the boat that we estimated to have been between 8# and 9#. Beside catching 27 fish today, Robin set the hook and we thought that she had a big fish on, as it was doing everything it could to keep from coming to the boat. When she finally got it coming to the boat, turns out it was a big turtle, that finally came off.

We are still continuing to fish both moving baits and plastics. As far as plastics, carolina rigs were producing over other plastic rigs.

The lake has come up quite significantly in the last 10 days or so. It sure is good to see new water in our lake.

Falcon is very capable of producing some big fish, especially this time of year. The Double “R” has some open days available, so give us a call.

June 3, 2017

The rain has helped us as I thought it would.  It came up 0.10′ since yesterday. It’s slowly coming up, so I would imagine these fish are going to move up shallow with the new water.

We are now sitting at 268.11, which is 33.09′ below full pool of 301.20.

June 1, 2017

The Double “R” got an early start today on the water.

We had a good rain again, which should help put some additional water back into the lake again.

Temperatures got up to 94° today. The wind prediction was 4 to 7, but, starting out in the morning, it blew around 11, until around noon, and then it flat out laid down. So, 94° felt alot warmer than usual with no wind.

Our water temperatures just are not changing. They continue to stay pretty consistent.

We hit alot of new areas today. Some areas produced, while others didn’t. 40 fish were boated today. We actually lost 18 fish as well. These 18 fish were fish we had on and saw. If the Double “R” doesn’t see them, they are not counted. Our big fish weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. She actually looked alot bigger, but that’s what what the scale read.

Not only did we boat Black Bass today, but Crappie, Catfish, and White Bass were caught. You just never know what you might reel in these days.

We are now getting into our “warmer” weather which the Double “R” likes to fish, so if you are a warm weather angler looking to catch fish, give us a call and we’ll set you up.

Here’s the 7 lbs. 15 oz…….


May 31, 2017

Have a great Memorial Day… And remember the real reason for this holiday.

May 29, 2017

Our lake is on the rise as we have gotten some good rain recently. And we are suppose get more tonight and throughout the rest of the week. As long as it rains out west, like the Del Rio area and Mexico Mountains, we should get good run off.

Today was a warm sunny day on the water. It actually got somewhat unbearable as the day went on, with air temperatures hitting the mid 90’s, plus, the high humidity.

Water temps were 78.8° to 84.9°. I think that these are cool temps for this time of year for Falcon.

We caught 50 fish today. We did find a couple of areas with a concentration of fish, but these areas have been few and far between for the Double “R”. Of these 50 fish, we had a couple of 7’s with a heavy 4. Numerous fish were in the 2# range.

Our fishing patterns remain the same.

Our lake continues to yo yo with water clarity.

We are continuing to see alot of bait fish in areas.

May 24, 2017

Since the Double “R” has not been on the water much lately, we hit it early this morning, with the anticipation of putting a full day in.

It actually was a nice day on the water. Winds were blowing out of the north about 11 as we started. About midway through the morning, it turned out of the south to southeast, as it started to decline. Then early afternoon, with what wind was left, blew out of the west. This morning, it was a cool 68° and by this afternoon, it was 88°.

We found some chalky water today, along with water that had a greenish tint, while in another location, it was semi-clear.

Water temps started out at 78.9° and this afternoon were up to 84.5°.

There were 57 bass boated today, along with these 57, we also caught a Gasper Goo, a Crappie, a Talapia, and a Catfish. Now that’s a smorgasbord, if I ever saw one. Of these 57 fish boated, a 6 lb 15 oz was caught, and we lost a good heavy 5 to a light 6 at the boat on the next cast.

Each area we fished, fished differently. One area produced with moving baits, while the other produced with plastics.

Our lake has come up 0.39′ since yesterday, and we should be getting more in from the rains. We are now 33.56′ low, below full pool of 301.20′.

Here’s the 6 lb 15 oz caught today. She’s a pretty fish….

Something wild happened today.  We could hear what sounded like a swarm of bees, but couldn’t see them.  There were some birds flying way up, actually higher than usual, when 2 seagulls started careening down toward the water.  Both had broken wings and were dead. They fell within 20′ of each other.   Couldn’t figure out what happened right at that time, but later thought maybe it was a security drone that was flying and hit the birds.

May 22, 2017

Well, today our intentions were to go out and see what the lake looked like after getting 3 to 4 inches of rain last night, along with not being on the water in a week due to high winds.  But, after about 3-1/2 hours we were run off the lake by another rain storm. But, this rain is really needed.

The lake is extremely off color.

We saw some floating debris, but not as bad as expected.

The County Ramp is now in need of some minor maintenance as there are hugh ruts from the rain fall.

Fishing was tough. During the 3-1/2 hours we only caught 10 fish. Our biggest fish may have pushed 2-1/2#.

Moving baits and plastics continue to work for us.

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

May 13, 2017

The wind continues to blow hard on a daily basis. It’s really getting old for the Double “R”. The lake is so off color in areas it’s going to take several days of absolute calm to clear up. And that’s not going to happen. As the next few days the wind is predicted to blow at least 25. So, we more than likely won’t be on the water during the wind.  The prediction is 25 with gust upward to 35+.

Air temperatures are not as warm as last year at this time. Today’s air temps were pretty consistent as in the past few days — 78° to 83°.

Our lake has dropped again and drastically. It’s a shame that we can’t keep our water in this lake as needed.

Today the Double “R” boated 45 fish. Again, we did not have anything big, just some good solid heavy 4’s.

The Coast Guard has been patrolling with our Border Patrol the last few days. They are doing safety checks. If your vessel passes the safety check, you are issued a Report of Boarding (Vessel Safety Check Form).  This form is usually good for a year according to the Coast Guard.  And during the year, if you are stopped for an additional safety check just show them your form.  We actually were checked several different times throughout our days on the water. The Double “R” appreciates and feels that it is important with what Coast Guard is doing on these safety checks.

May 11, 2017

Today was somewhat tough for us today. The wind has been blowing every day, and today was no different. The only difference in today vs. the other days, is that it only blew around 15 today, compared to 20+ days.

Air temperatures were in the low 90’s. Water temps ranged from 78.8° to 83.6°. Our water clarity pretty much remains the same. Some areas are off color while others are semi-clear.

We are continuing to drop the lake level on a daily basis.

Today we caught 37 fish. Alot of these fish were caught on moving baits, which I would consider our primary rig. Plastics were our second best. We did not catch any big fish today. Our biggest weighed a heavy 4.

May 4,  2017

We are sitting at 268.95.  That is 32.25′ low.  In 24 hours we have dropped .09′. On another note, our Texas Game Wardens have seized 5 illegal hoop nets placed by fishing vessels from Mexico in our Texas waters here on Falcon Lake.  All fish that were found in these hoops were released back into our water, alive.


May 3, 2017

Today the “usual” wind was suppose to blow until around noon and then begin to slow down, which has been the pattern for a few days now. But, the wind actually was very mild this morning, and by noon, it was absolutely calm.  Air temps seemed to really jump when we lost our breeze. And actually, it was only 98°, compared to the 100+° days we’ve been having.  For the majority of the morning, we fished under partly cloudy skies.

Today we launched at the State Park. We are launching on only one of the three ramps that are normally available. That’s another thing that is affected when our lake is being drawn down. Our launching capabilities become difficult.

There is still water in the channel leading out to the main lake, but it’s slowly disappearing.

Here’s the channel leading out to the main lake…

45 fish were boated today. We did not have any big fish today. We also lost and missed alot of fish, actually probably about as many as we caught.

We decided to quit fishing for bass around 10:30 this morning and do something different. We actually went Crappie fishing. Within a hour and a half, we caught 25 good sized Crappie. Here on Falcon, a Crappie has to be at least 10″ in length and your possession is 25 per person.

After catching these thin mouthed Crappie, we went looking for more bass. There sure is a difference fishing for Crappie, when your custom to fishing for bass.

For the bass we caught, moving baits and finesse rigs were productive.

The areas we fished had good water clarity.

Water temps were in the low 80’s. As we continue to move towards summer with these warm days, our water temps will continue to increase.

There’s something about fishing on a beautiful morning and watching horses grazing.  This foal caught our eye.

April 28, 2017

As usual, today started out with wind, but gradually slowed down throughout the day, until we had none. Air temps were in the low 70’s at safe light, and from there increased up to a “cool” 100°.

Since the Double “R” wasn’t scheduled with a trip, we hit the water checking water clarity, lake level, and for areas holding fish vs. no fish.

Our lake continues to drop. These fish aren’t going to have much to hold onto if it continues to drop at this rate.

The north end of the lake is still more off color than the south end. It’s almost like fishing 2 different lakes.

We boated 45 fish today with our biggest being in the 4# range. Out of these 45 several were undersized. Undersized is not what we are looking for, but it sure is good to see them in our water.

Texas rigging plastics were the key today. It was kind of surprising that the carolina rig wasn’t producing. By these fish hitting a Texas rig, tells me that the majority of the bass we caught today were located on or very near the bottom.

The Double “R” has some days open.  So if you’re looking for a day of fun and fishing, give the Double “R” a call and we’ll set you up.

Nothing “big” today…

April 25, 2017

We are presently sitting at 270.10′, and are 31.10′ low.

When we left out this morning, it was already 68° with a wind blowing 11 mph from the south southeast.  As the day progressed, the wind died, and the temps soared up to 104°.

Water temperature was 75° first thing this morning where we started, and by our last spot it was 80.4°.  These temperatures​ are more like late March here on Falcon.

Water clarity is still off.  Some areas we fished today had a greenish tint to it.

We started off catching about a 5″ Gizzard Shad, a Crappie, and then several bass that were really dark.  I am not sure if they were Largemouth Bass. They actually were colored like a Mean Mouth.  But we don’t have Spots in Falcon, nor is Falcon known for Smallmouths, so the only way they would be in our lake is to have come from somewhere else. Plus, our State of Texas is not known to have Mean Mouths.

We actually caught 40 bass today. Several were heavy 2# upward to 3-1/2#. Our biggest weighed 8# 7 oz.  This fish could have easily been missed as Robin said it felt like she was hung.  That’s why it’s so important to set the hook, even when your not sure.

Today, a variety of baits actually worked for us. We threw moving baits, texas rigs, and carolina rigs.

Also saw some hugh Alligator Gar that were at least 6′ to 7′.  One gar actually surfaced and opened his mouth and it’s mouth and teeth were massive!

We are now getting into our traditional hot weather days, so make sure you stay hydrated while on the water.

Big fish for the day…She weighed 8# 7 oz.

And here’s one of the dark bass….

Same dark bass, side view…

April 22, 2017

Day 2 with Melissa and Eric proved to be a much better day.

We had slight winds in the morning. By late morning, our wind disappeared and it was hot. It actually got up over 100° today. But by 4:30 or so, the expected cool front finally hit and the winds went from 0 to 30 within a second. We had just gotten off the water when it hit.

Our clarity did not change from yesterday. However, our lake came up .03′ since yesterday.

About 25 fish were boated again today, but out of these 25 fish, we had a 9# 13 oz and a 6# 13 oz.  We also had one on that could not be turned, it took everything just to try to keep up with this fish. In the end, this fish won.  She broke off and went back to her “spot”.

Today we also had several doubles on. This generally doesn’t happen real often.

Texas rigs were the key for the day.

The bite is still off.  These fish just aren’t taking the bait aggressively. It is a must that you watch your line and pay attention to how your line is reacting.

On another note.  Today after loading the boat, I along with my clients, and numerous other folks who were at the boat ramp or along the bank witnessed a bass club weighing in. Once the weigh in was over, some of these fish, along with a couple of really nice one’s were released back into the water in bad shape, floating, and fighting the will to survive. The gentleman who had released these fish asked me for a needle to release the air, but as I told him, releasing air won’t help, as they are stressed from being put in the livewells and “forgotten” for the day. He did try to release the air, but stated there was not any air to release. So we have fish that aren’t going to make it and what does this guy do?  He just leaves.  Melissa goes out in the water trying to work with these fish to get them to survive, along with a local angler, known by most of us as “Falcon Pete”. Both Melissa and Falcon Pete did everything they could.  But it was too late.  This is a hugh pet peeve of the Double “R”. We have clubs who come down and will not take the “responsibility” to care for these fish in the proper way, so that they can be released safely back into Falcon’s​ water.

These are the pictures from today’s fishing.

9# 13 oz….

And…Here’s the


A small keeper fish…

One of several doubles caught today…

April 21, 2017

Took out a really nice couple, Eric and Melissa from the La Porte area. They are avid guitar players who have their own country band. During the day it was nice to hear Melissa sing softly while fishing.

Not much has changed here on Falcon since we’ve been gone.

We still have a variety of water clarity on the lake.  Areas are semi clear, while other areas are our typical chalky color.  The water in front of the Valleno’s looks like sandy water in a glass.

Today was a typical late April day as far as our weather.  It was 94°, sunshine, and naturally it was windy.  We had a southeast wind blowing around 20 the majority of the day.  This caliber of wind makes it difficult to fish the way you need to fish.

We boated 25 fish today, with our biggest being about 3#.

Plastics fished on Texas rigs along with crank baits around trees were the key today.

The Coast Guard partnered with the Border Patrol and were doing safety checks on the water.  We were one of many boats checked today.   Odd though, on Thursday, while getting the boat ready for the upcoming trips, I noticed that the fire extinguisher had discharged. Now we were checked by our Falcon game wardens about 3 weeks ago, and it was fine.  Good thing I checked it, so I was able to run into town and get a new extinguisher​. How ironic that we were checked the very next day.  But, this is a good reminder for us and everyone else who runs a boat, that it is really important to make sure your safety equipment is in order and good shape at all times.

Here is a picture of Melissa and Eric from today with a small keeper fish.

April 20, 2017

We are now back in Zapata. I have a 2 day trip tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.

April10, 2017

The Double “R” will be off of the water for about 10 days, as we are going to go to Springtime to spend Easter with our son, Codie, his wife, Lauren, and of  course our grandson, Rowdy.

April 6, 2017

Robin and I decided to hit the water to see what it looked like, as we had a storm last week and reports are that we should be getting water coming in from Laredo.

The upper part of the lake is really off color, it’s completely chalky; the further south you go, the water color improves. If you stay north, you have to get back into the pockets before you actually start seeing some decent colored water. The off color of the water is due to the water that is coming into the lake along with the numerous windy days and nights.

The lake does have some debris, plus, some floaters moving. I would strongly advise you to wear your life jacket especially while our lake is transitioning during this phase.

The water temp has now fallen about 6°, it was 75° in most areas.

Robin and I took advantage of looking over the lake and casted a line or two to look for some deeper fish. I can make this short, it didn’t pan out. Fishing was very tough. We only caught a handful of fish with the largest being 3#.

The best thing for our lake and fish right now would be stability. Along with Falcon’s water level dropping one day and rising the next, all of the windy conditions, water color variations, and our water temperature now dropping, these fish just can’t settle down. They actually need some solid consistency in all of these factors in order to get Falcon back to being productive.

April 5, 2017

The Double “R” is off today, which is good. We’ve had some major wind during the night and this morning, it’s blowing 20+ and gusting to probably at least 30.

I had to run some rods over to Foy Greene at Beacon Lodge, to get repaired, and who did I run into? None other than Howard and Kenneth.  Turns out they went to school with Foy and have remained close friends since. They decided to take advantage while in Zapata and look him up.

If you are in Zapata and need rods repaired, look up Foy, he does an awesome repair job that last.

Also, when checking the water level this morning, I see where we came up 0.32′ over night.  We are now sitting at 31.13′ below full pool.

3 old school friends; Howard, Kenneth, and Foy..

Kenneth, Howard, and myself…

April 4, 2017

Day 2, took a couple of more hours to go through Howard’s boat again. Once we accomplished figuring out all of the bells and whistles on Howard’s boat, we were ready to hit some areas.

We had another great day on the water with the weather, i.e.: sunshine, sometimes no wind, while other times a slight southeasterly wind, and then advancing to a good gust.

Our air temperature was high again. It was in the high 90’s, by late afternoon.

Today was another 25 fish boated day, but we really didn’t have any big solid fish, our biggest was around 2-1/2#, give or take a few ounces.

Patterns remain the same, plastics with some moving baits mixed in.

Man, this water clarity is bad. Seems like we just can’t stay consistent with our water clarity. Sure do need our weather and the lake to settle down.

Along with the water dropping on a daily basis, it really changes the fishing up, it makes it difficult. Falcon bass do not like changes whatsoever.

Once we get some good stabilization in weather and water levels, I think fishing should pick up again.

April 3, 2017

Today was Day 1 of a 2 Day trip, with brothers, Howard and Kenneth, from Louisiana.

These 2 days will not only be a guide trip, but it’s a learning process as we are going to go over Howard’s new 20’+ Legend boat, loaded with a Mercury Pro XS 250 motor, a MinnKota Ultrex 112V Trolling Motor, a Humminbird Helix 10 on the dash, and a Humminbird Helix 10 and 9 on the bow. Man, this boat is really nice. These graphs also had down and side imaging, which is new to me.  I use Lowrance graph’s.  I am what is probably considered old school, so I too was educated with these new graphs and their side and down imaging. These graphs can do just about anything you need them to, I was actually waiting for one of them to ring a call through at any minute.

Once we went through all of the bells and whistles on the Legend, trolling motor, and all accessories, we were ready for some fishing.

The weather was nice today.  We finally had a non windy day, compared to what we’ve been having lately.  We had some pretty strong winds last night.

Our clarity is now really chalky, and this too is from this wind.

Water temps have dropped since the weekend, we are now fishing water in the high 70’s, and these are the same areas that had low 80’s just a couple of days ago.

We worked plastics and moving baits to catch our fish today.  When all was said and done, we boated about 25 fish, with one about 4-1/2#. We missed quite a few fish during the day as well.

These numerous little cool fronts blowing through are changing these fish up.

Our lake has dropped significantly. Actually it’s now dropped about 2′ in a little over a week. This also affects these fish as well.

We’ll be back out tomorrow, tonight is suppose to be windy again, so well see what happens with these fish tomorrow.

Howard’s new Legend…

April 1, 2017

Deanie, Scott, and myself have decided to go back out a little later this morning to finish yesterday that was cut short.  Right now the wind is calm, but it’s predicted to blow 18+ and then die down around noon.

Actually hit the water about 11:30, with a southeasterly wind.  It was no where near what it was yesterday.

The air temps today were hot!  It got up to 97° and what wind we had, basically died down and disappeared.  We were finally able to fish our areas the right way, throwing plastics.

We boated about 25 fish today.  We probably missed or lost close to that same number as well. Today our biggest fish weighed 4-1/2# to 5#.  We had some heavy 2’s as well.  Scott had one on that I would liked to have gotten in the boat.

The majority of these fish bit very delicate today, although for a small window of time, these fish bit like they you would expect them to.

The areas we fished today were off color. That’s from the winds that we have been having during the day and night.

Water temps are still in the low 80’s.

Our lake is just dropping like crazy.  We need to keep as much water in our lake as we can for these fish.  But as long as we have the treaty with Mexico, it will be hard to keep our water on a consistent basis.

Towards the end of our day, I became sick. Originally I thought I drank my water too fast, but now I think it was heat exhaustion.  This goes to show that even though someone is in the heat quite a bit, it can still happen to them.

I want to thank both Deanie and Scott for helping me to rehydrate, etc., and taking care of me.

NOTE: It took me just about 24 hours to get over this bout of feeling sick.

Pictures from our trip…

March 31, 2017

I am not sure how much time we are going to have fishing today, as the wind is again expected to bust loose about 11:00 with 20 miles an hour and advancing from there.

I picked my party up and we stopped and got their fishing license. Today I took out a lady pro and good friend, Deanie. Deanie and I use to fish together on the Women’s Bassmaster Tour. We always enjoyed catching up with our lives at the next scheduled tournament, as Deanie is from Arkansas, and well, I’m from Texas. For this adventure, Deanie brought her son, Scott, with her to fish.

After fishing in winds blowing 15 or so, the bottom fell out and we were hit with brutal winds around 11:00.  We hung in there for about 3-1/2 hours and decided to call it quits.  It’s a good thing we did, as the wind continuously got worse and it became a very unsafe situation.  Thank goodness, they were able to stay another day for us to go out and see what we could do.

Today we fished the best we could with these dad gum winds.  When you have wind that is severe, it’s really difficult to fish the way you need to or should.

We caught 8 fish today, missing quite a few bites, and loosing a few fish.  These fish were mainly small, with our largest fish maybe going 2-1/2#.

I had to change up my plans for fishing due to the wind, so we pretty much threw moving baits, as it was difficult to feel a worm bite.

The air temp was actually cool this morning. We had light jackets and wind pants on.

Air temps were still in the low 80’s, but the clarity was bad in areas we fished.

I do want to give a shout out to my husband, Robert.  Since he didn’t have a trip today, he drove to the county boat ramp and offered to launch us and then, met us this afternoon, and backed the trailer in for me.

March 29, 2017

The wind was suppose to blow in the 20’s this morning, but so far it hasn’t. So we got on the water late, but we still have plenty of daytime to put in a full day.

Today’s high was 96° and we are only in the last part of March. The winds blew slightly out of the south, southeast.

Our water is continuing to warm up. It’s pretty common to find 80+° water now in most areas.

Our water clarity is continuing to improve in areas. Now, Falcon’s water is not clear like Amistad (being able to see quite a distance down), but it’s clear where you can see your bait for about 8″ to 12″, which is good for our lake.

We caught 44 fish today with several decent fish . Out of these 44 fish, we had 32 keepers (14″ and up). Our best 5 weighed close to 20#. We had alot of consistent 4# fish during the day.

We are continuing to see loads of baitfish in areas.

Most areas are a timing situation. You may pull into an area, fish an hour, have absolutely no bites, and then it turns on. So, we are constantly working on timing in these areas we are fishing along with being patient.

Our moving baits wereproductive today along with t-rigging plastics. We are throwing a 5/16 weight on our plastic rigs.

Our lake is continuing to drop, we are getting close to being approximately 31′ low.

The Double “R”‘s pics from today….

March 28, 2017

The wind has showed back up today in full force. And for the rest of this week it’s suppose to blow drastically, with some pretty high gust.

The lake dropped again since yesterday. Within 24 hours it has dropped 0.12′.  We are now sitting at 30.26′ below full pool of 301.20′.  So in ten days we have lost about 1/2′ of water.  When looking at the lake it actually looks like it’s dropped more than that.

March 27, 2017

The Double “R” had a cancellation, so “hi ho, hi ho, off to fish we go”, and fish we did.  It was a good day!

Hit the boat ramp to find that our lake is now dropping.  Just 2  days ago, we were 40.7℅ full. Now we are at 40.5℅ full.  And a week ago we were  41.3℅ full.  This is the time of year that Mexico starts to irrigate and we loose water.

Our water temperature is really warming up.  We found water between 78.3° to 81°.

Water clarity is the same, still stained to semi-clear depending on which areas we were in.

We boated 42 fish today.  The majority of these fish were keepers and 3# to 4#.  But, we did have 3 fish that were in the 5# pound range.  By 9:30, we already had 14# in the boat with our best 3.  By the end of the day, we finished with approximately 25#, for our best 5.

The shad and talapia are on the move, both are moving shallow to go through their spawn.  With them on the move, these bass are moving as well.

Today, texas rigs and cranks produced for us.

We had an absolutely perfect day, as far as the wind, for fishing, it blew minutely, but it changed directions from north, south, east, to west. The air temperature was 69° in the morning, and with the sun, it warmed up to 94°.

If you are interested in hitting our falcon water to catch some of these ‘ole green backs, give the Double “R” a call.

Two of our fish today….. (Yes Robert has 2 different caps on for these pics).  Hey, when you have a 2 year old great nephew that gives you a G PA fishing cap (now a lucky cap) you always wear it for pictures!

March 24, 2017

Did not have any trips today, but took advantage with a day off, and hit the water. Today’s plan is to fish areas we haven’t fished lately.

This morning, the wind was predicted to be blowing around 16 to 18, but there was absolutely no wind.  The lake looked like ice.  It was nice to go out and fish without fighting the wind today, however; with the sun, no wind, and high temps makes the possibility of a really hot day. And with those exact elements, it was border line “hot” today.

We do like fishing Falcon when the sun is out vs. not out, but if there is absolutely no wind, Falcon can become difficult to fish.  So just a slight breeze is actually a perfect senario. But since we had zilch wind, we did what we could do, and we were OK with our day.

We caught 22 fish, with the majority of these fish being keepers, along with several 4’s and heavy 3’s.  To add to this, we boated one that weighed 7.4#.

Most of our fish came off of carolina rigs today. Some of these fish bites were hard to detect, while some had that familiar “tick”.  Actually,  a couple of them, had picked up the bait and were either just sitting there with the bait or had decided to go “downtown” with the bait. The 7.4# just felt heavy.

Our water clarity looks good.

Water temps are definitely on the rise, as the water we fished today ranged between 74° to 76°.

Several of the areas fished today had bait fish. This is always a plus.

We are continuing to see our Texas Game Wardens on the water.  They are doing safety checks all along the lake.  So make sure you have everything in your boat that is required and the necessary license on you as well.  For out of town folks, before launching your boat, make sure you know our Texas Laws, as they could be different than your state’s.

Here’s the 7.4#….

March 23, 2017

No fishing today we are having a massive windy day.  Winds blowing 25, gusting to 35.  If there’s one thing, you DO NOT want to be on Falcon in this type of wind.  This lake will produce some unbelievable waves and reek havoc on your boat!

Video of our wind today…


March 21,  2017

You know how the Double “R” has been talking about wind lately? Well today it was no different.  Today we had winds around 16 out of the south, southeast.

Air temperatures here in Zapata are on the rise.  We are already in the low 90’s.  I can imagine what our summer temps will be like.

Our water is clearing up on the lake, even though we have had really windy nights.

Today we fished about 6 spots.  We did not have any “big” fish, we did have some good solid fish. Seventeen fish were boated, with our best 5 going 17# or so.

Catching these fish are the same routine that the Double “R” has had for quite some time–plastics.  I can tell you one thing, you must be patient on these fish, as they are in no hurry to bite.

The water slowly continues to rise, making the County Ramp more accessible for multi vehicles at one time.

Here’s one of the fish caught today…

March 18, 2017

Today was day 2 of a two day trip with the “Granbury” trio.

The wind was predicted to blow 16 – 18 today, but I woke up to lighter winds.  This morning there were some pretty good rollers on the lake from last night’s wind.  During the day, the wind would pick up, lay down, and then a slight breeze would stir.  So, actually it was inconsistent today.  Man, what a big difference from yesterday.  I’ve always said that the best job to have is a weatherman’s job, because they can be wrong every day and still have a job.  Although some days they do get it right.

Air temps were consistent with our spring weather that we have in Zapata.  Morning temps were 67° with the day ending at 85°.

The water temp started out at 69° and worked itself up to 75° in areas.

Water clarity was slightly off to normal Falcon Lake color (semi-clear).

We had a better day today.  We boated around 35 fish.  I say “around”, because I actually lost track when we got up around this number.  We had several good quality fish today with our biggest weighing 7.2#, along with some other solid fish.  Actually our best 5 weighed 20 – 21#.

We did catch a few today on moving baits, but as in the past, plastics on texas rigs were key.

There was a Federation Tournament held today and 1st Place had 11#, with 5 fish.  This really surprised me as I was expecting at least 25# to place. Tomorrow they will be back at it again, as they are fishing two – one day tournaments.  I anticipate better weights for tomorrow’s weigh in.

Again, we’ve come up .09′ since yesterday.  We are now sitting at 29.62′ low. We are slowly coming up.

Some of the fish caught today by the “Granbury” trio..

March 17, 2017

I can tell you one thing, the Double “R” has had enough wind the last couple days to last us for quite awhile. Today was no different.  We fished 8 hours with southeast winds of 20+ off and on throughout the day.

With the wind, this lake has really muddied up.  Just about the time our clarity starts to settle, the wind blows non stop and reaks havoc on our lake.

Today’s air temperature started out at 66° and increased to 89°, with sunshine.

H2O temps were 68° to 74°.  Some areas have warmed up more.

We only had 15 fish today.  But, that’s not too bad considering the windy conditions that we battled. Our big fish weighed 5.10#, with our best 5 weighing 17+.

Plastics that were Texas rigged worked best again today, as moving baits did not produce any fish.

We saw a few bait fish in some of the areas that we fished.

We are continuing to throw flourocarbon or co-polymer instead of throwing braid; as we are getting more bites.

We are back at it tomorrow, with another day of expected southeasterly winds.

Today Falcon is sitting at 29.71′ low, we’ve had an increase of .05′ since yesterday.

Here’s some of the fish we caught today…



March 14, 2017

Robin and I hit the water today. The trip that was scheduled had to cancel so we went out.

Woke up to 48° temps this morning with fog.  Since we were not on an actual guide schedule, we decided to wait the fog and get on the water a little later.  Areas still had fog, but not as dense as early morning.  We did hit a thick patch that was a little hairy.  As the day progressed, the sun finally came out, and the wind picked up to around 20 or so.  Light winds in the morning blew from the west, but as the day continued, it changed to a southeast direction.

Water temps ranged from 69° to 72°. Just when we start having consistent warm days, mother nature throws Zapata a curve with cooler temps.

Today we only boated 25 fish or so. Robin’s first cast netted a good solid 3#.  She hadn’t even engaged the reel from casting.  From there we caught several solid 3 pounders, a 4.3, and one over 5.  These fish we are catching are in really good shape. They have great color and look really healthy.

The Double “R” is off tomorrow, well as far as hitting the lake, but we have boat cleaning, bait restocking, and re-spooling to do.

Here are a couple of the better fish we caught today…


March 13, 2017

WOW! The weather today was absolutely dreadful.  Woke up to fog, mist, cool temperatures, and a north wind.  I thought the fog would lift, but it hung out until about 1:00 and the mist lingered till around 3:00.

Even though the weather was somewhat off, we had a really good day fishing.  We caught around 25 fish total with our best 5 going around 30#, and these are the fish that we got in the boat.  If we could have boated some of the other fish that we either lost at the boat or that broke us off, our best 5 would have weighed much more.  Pictures of these fish were taken, but will not be published at this time.

Once again, texas rigs and carolina rigs produced for us.

The lake continues to come up, all the rain that the valley has gotten along with what Zapata has received, has and will help.  We are 39.3% full right now.  Better than a couple of weeks ago.

Water temps today ranged from 68° to 70°.  Our temps have slightly dropped due to the cooler weather we have had the last few days.

Our water clarity is changing daily on the lake.  So colors of baits depend on the clarity.  At times, fishing Falcon in one day is like fishing several lakes.

Starting on Wednesday, our wind is predicted to increase, and for the rest of the week it is suppose to continually get worse.  That’s one thing about our lake, when the wind picks up, the water can become pretty treacherous.

The Double “R” will be hitting the water again tomorrow.

March 12, 2017

On a side note, met a really nice couple this weekend from Live Oak, Ray and Natalie. They were in Zapata to fish a club tournament.  I received a text and picture from Ray that Natalie had found a “good one” to take to the weigh in.  She weighed just under 8#.

Way to go Natalie, she’s a pretty fish!

March 11, 2017

Another day on the water for the Double “R”.

Today’s weather was decent. It was cool when we got on the water and partly cloudy until noon or so. The wind blew west southwest, but ever so slight. We finally saw sunshine a little after noon.

The lake temperature is on the rise. We are now in the low 70’s.

The water clarity on the lake seem to reverse. Areas that had been clear were milky while those areas that were off color were clear.

Plastics, plastics, plastics, are continuing to work. Again, we did boat a couple of fish on moving baits, but not as many as in the past.

We boated 50 fish today. Our biggest fish boated weighed 4#, followed by a couple of three’s. Alot of these fish were keepers, but we did have some small fish in the group as well.

The bite continues to be very delicate. Years ago, when our Falcon bass would bite, there was no question if it was a fish. Today, it’s questionable all day long.

Falcon continues to rise. We are sitting at 261.30′ (full pool 391.20), which puts us at 29.90′ low. We have come up .09′ since yesterday.

Just a reminder… tonight we are going into Daylight Savings Time, don’t forget to “spring forward”, one hour.

March 9, 2017

Had a 1/2 day afternoon trip today. The main goal today was to familiarize my client with the lake.

We boated about 15 fish with 3/4 of them being keeper fish, with our biggest fish weighing in at 3#.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, as were run off of Falcon again today with the weather.   It was absolutely a fantastic day for fishing AND THEN, another storm was heading our way, all within seconds.  We ended up not getting the rain but we sure did get wind!  And it was worse than yesterday.  This lake went from a flat surface to the “Bering Sea”.  It sure got rank out there coming back to the boat ramp.

We actually fished water up to 76° today. Falcon is on a continual rise in water temperature, which should get these fish going.

For our water level, we are on the rise as well, as we came up .09″ since yesterday. We are presently 30.10′ below full pool. Full pool is 301.20.

And as for some time, we are still chunking plastics as our primary pattern.

I now have two of days off to do some more looking for my trips that are scheduled next week.  I still have a couple of days available next week, so if you like fishing and enjoy setting the hook, give the Double “R” a call and we’ll get you scheduled.

March 8, 2017

The Double “R” got run off of Falcon Lake today due to bad weather that set in. One minute it was nice and sunny and the next minute the rain and high winds hit. But this is what happens when you have the Mexico Mountains.  You never know what is going to stir from one minute to the next.  Thank goodness for the various weather apps available, at least we can keep up with what is coming a little quicker than in the past.

We only caught 15 fish today, with our biggest going about 3# to 3-1/4#.

Water temps are 71° to 73°.  Clarity remains the same, again, depending on the area you are fishing.

Until the storm hit, the air temperature was 86° with a very slight west to southwest wind. Right before the storm hit, the wind actually completely quit blowing.

Plastic baits are still the go to pattern, texas rigged and carolina rigged.

The bite is not a typical bite.  These bass are either swimming off with your bait or you may feel just slight pressure on your line.  My motto is, if it feels different, set that hook.

March 7, 2017

“Look See” Scouting Report

Today we went out and did what we call a “look see”. This is when we go out and check out areas that we have not fished in a really long, long time.

The water clarity in these areas varied. Some areas were clear, some were tea stained, while others were down right what I consider nasty; an ugly green.

The temperatures in these waters also varied from 70.2° to 72°.

The air temperature got up to 89° with high humidity. It made it actually very warm and steamy today. First thing this morning, winds were slight out of the southeast. As the day went on, the winds disappeared and the lake was as smooth as ice. About 4:00 this afternoon, the wind started to blow out of the north, (we are expecting a slight cool front coming in tonight) which helped cool the air temperature down.

We only caught 24 fish today. With several good solid fish.

Plastics played a big role today on getting these fish in the boat. A few fish were also caught on crankbaits as well.

Our water level came up .07′ since yesterday. Right now we are sitting at 30.26′ low.

We’ll be back at it tomorrow, if we don’t get the rain they are predicting tonight and tomorrow

If you want to go out and look for these ole’ Falcon bass, give us a call, 956-857-7314 and we’ll go hunting.

Here’s a couple of those fish we caught today…


March 5, 2017

Let me start off by saying I am surprised that we had the day we had today. Especially since we got over 3″ of rain yesterday, Saturday, March 4th. I had not seen it rain that much in a day in a really long time. This should really help our lake, as it also rained in Mexico and down in the valley, do we should also get more run off in the next few days.

The County Ramp parking lot got hammered with this rain. We have gullies 3′ wide all over it. I really am not that concerned due to the fact that Zapata County takes pretty good care of this area, whenever it’s needed.

Today was a great day. Air temps did not get over 78° with a really slight breeze out of the west.

The areas we fished today had good color.

Moving baits did not produce much today, it was mostly plastics, on texas rigs and carolina rigs.

We boated over 40 fish today, and missed quite a few fish. We had one on, that we saw that was a good solid 8, with a few others that were solid as well.

March 4, 2017

It’s raining cats and dogs, so no fishing today. It has been pouring for several hours with the wind howling. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve had this kind of rain.

March 3, 2017

My trip cancelled so I had a free day. Couldn’t think of anything else to do but go fishing. 😊

Got on the water a little later this morning than usual. Actually only fished about 6 hours today. During those 6 hours, there were 23 fish caught. Of those 23 fish, just about three quarters were keepers, with several solid fish.

I know I sound like a broken record, about plastics working, but hey, they are still working.

We are having some really wild weather around here, as it was cool today. Cool enough to have to wear jeans and a jacket. Go figure!

Right now we are not concentrating on one side of the lake vs the other side. We are fishing on both sides, from the south end to the north end.

While fishing the American side, we were stopped by our Texas Game Wardens for a safety check. They asked for our fire extinguisher, life jackets, throw cushion, horn or whistle, and our fishing license. We did not have a problem with them stopping us and doing this check as we think it should be done periodically.

One of our solid fish….

February 28, 2017

Today was a much better day on the water for us. we had 40 fish today, out of the 40, our best 3 went 20# and our best 5 weighed 29 to 30#. We had 2 good fish that came off, after seeing both. One fish was coming to the boat, decided to make one more run, and then proceeded to come flying out of the water about 3′ in the air, and then she was gone. She was a good heavy 6. The second was heavier. She was a heavy 7 to a light 8. The hook was set, and she started coming to the boat, but when we went to lip her, she decided to tail dance and spit the hook right back at us. I knew we should of had the net out and ready for her. 😁

At 7:00 a.m., it was 74° and really humid, with a faint haze on the water. It was another nice day, but warm. We had a slight south wind. Today’s air temperature got up to 92°.

Today water temperatures were 70° to 72° today. Parts of our lake have great water clarity, while other parts are still off. Today when coming back to the County Ramp to load, I noticed the water has really turned an incredibly ugly green, just since this morning.

All fish today except 1 was caught on plastics, and man, we went through a lot of plastics. The one not caught on plastics, hit a crankbait (6+#).

The lake came up again, .02′, since yesterday. I sure wished it was a foot instead, but we’ll take every little bit we can get.

Nice and solid fish…

(No, these are not the same fish)

February 27, 2017

Hit the water today for just about 9 hours or so.

Started the day out with a southeasterly wind and ended with an easterly wind. At take off, it was cool, but it didn’t take long for the day to warm up to the mid 90’s.

Today 22 fish were boated. Of these 22, we did not have any big fish. We did catch 2 decent Crappie and hooked into an Alligator Gar that was about 5′ long.

The Double “R” Guide Service is continuing to throw the majority of plastics. There were a few fish caught on spinnerbaits.

Water temps continue to stay consistent, around 70° or so.

The lake came up .02′ since yesterday. I sure do wished we could get about 10 more feet in this lake.

February 25, 2017

Falcon’s water level is 30.56′ below full pool of 301.20.  Since yesterday, the lake has dropped .02′.

The Double “R” was off today, so I Robin and I hit the water to look around.

Just as soon as I say we are having warm weather, the night air temperature drops to 51° last night; which doesn’t sound too bad, but the temperature yesterday was 101°. That is a 50° swing in less than 24 hours.

As the day went on, it finally started warming up to around 80°, but that wasn’t until mid day when the sun came out.  Yesterday, we were in shorts, this morning, we were in hoodies!

Fishing was somewhat slow for us. We only boated 17 fish today, with the majority of our fish being small keepers and undersized.  However; I was able to set the hook on one decent fish and get it in the boat, she weighed 7.10#.  We did set the hook on another good fish, but she broke off.

We are still chunking plastics to catch our fish.  When we threw the moving baits today, these ‘ole fish were just slapping at the bait.

Water temps have dropped a tad, from 68.9° to 70.2°, depending on the location fished.

We are still throwing co-polymer line, as we are getting more bites than with braid.

This 7.10# wasn’t too shabby, she actually was very healthy looking..

February 22, 2017

Went out with Ben and John today. Ben is from San Antonio and John resides in Houston.

Today was warm again, as we had temps in the mid 90’s, along with alot of sunshine throughout the day.

Not only did texas rigged plastics catch fish today, but so did moving baits, (square bills and spinner baits), as well.  Approximately 15 fish were boated today. We did not have any big fish today, however; we did have the complete opposite. Ben boated probably the smallest fish that I have seen being caught in a really long time.   If we were going for those small fish, he sure would have won!

Here are a few pics from today…

The smallest fish…


February 21, 2017

Here we are mid February, and we are wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. The weather here is great!  Today was actually pretty warm, the temperature got up to the mid 90’s.

We had slight winds today, although last night we had one heck of a storm blue through with winds blowing 40+, pouring rain, and hail. Tonight they are predicting some pretty strong winds again, at least it’s during the night and not the day.  If it was, I would have to rethink if it’s safe to go out in the high wind.

The water clarity continues to look good.  Our lake is actually settling down with it’s clarity.  I was surprised that the water looked as good as it did today with the severe storm that blew in last night.

Texas rigged plastics worked for us today, although, nothing bulky.

Water temperatures are staying about the same, we have fished water 69° upwards to 71°.

We caught 22 fish today, with our biggest fish going around 4# or so.

February 18, 2017

Today I took out Russ and Donny for a full day.

Today was a slow day, as we only boated 8 fish.  These were all just small keeper fish, with our biggest fish weighing 3#.  I really thought these fish would be more active but they were not.

Winds were light with lots of sunshine.

The H2O water temps remain consistent, 68° to 70°, which is what we need.  We need consistency with our air and water temperatures, so these fish can start becoming more active.

The majority of our fish came off of texas rigs, carolina rigs, and a few moving baits.

The actual fish we caught today, did have a more aggressive bite for a change.  You didn’t have to try to figure out if you had a fish on.

I have a couple of days open, so if your in the area and want to go out, give me a call and were go hunting for these fish.

Russ with one of his fish…

Our water level is presently sitting at 38.6% full.

February 17, 2017

Did something a little different today. I was hired by the Fuji Television located out of Japan. They were doing a documentary on the United States and Mexico border, from California to Brownsville. Since Falcon Lake borders Texas and Mexico, they included it in their documentary. So, I met them at the County Ramp and we ran the lake, where I explained and showed them how you depict the split of the lake; Texas vs. Mexico by the markers in the river channel. We also interviewed some American anglers fishing on the Mexico side. Since Texas and Mexico have different laws about fishing, I explained the laws in effect on both sides and I showed them the fishing license required for each side. This documentary will air in Japan. I really enjoyed being their guide for the day and working with a great group of guys.

Fuji Television Crew…

February 11, 2017

Today I had a father and son team from San Antonio, Henry and Seth.

It was a warm and sunny day with the temperature hitting around the 90° mark.  We had fog this morning again but it really didn’t slow us down.

Water temps are still ranging from the high 60’s to the list 70’s.

Seth had a good day today.  He boated one over 7, lost one over 5, and caught several other fish.  There was another 5 pounder boated as well, with approximately 15 fish caught today.

Texas rigging produced much better than the carolina rig did today.

We are now in a full moon phase so pay close attention to when you’re getting bit.  By this, I mean the time of day.  Generally on a full moon, these fish feed at night and as the day goes on, they will feed again.

Here are some pictures of Seth with his fish.


A long skinny fish….

February 9, 2017

Another day on the water for the Double “R” Guide Service.

The fishing pattern still remains pretty consistent for us as like the last few days. It’s pretty much carolina rigging and t-rigging plastics.

Water temperatures ranged from 66° to 70° depending on the area and time of day.

Water clarity is improving.   The areas that were really off color are now much better.

Air temperatures today were actually warm. We had temps in the low 90’s with wind 5 to 7.

26 fish were boated today, nothing big, just consistent keepers.  The biggest fish weighed around 3 pounds.

Our big fish really need to start showing up, as it’s that time of year for these ‘ole green backs to start spawning.

February 7, 2017 – Scouting Report 

Went out today to check and see if these ‘ole Falcon fish have started to move up.

Decided to check areas out on the south end so I drove to the State Park to launch.  The boat ramp is down to one lane now, which is the center lane, as both outside lane’s are closed to the lake being low.  Launching with a 2 wheel drive is fine.

There is still water in the channel once you launch, about 7’.

Today water temps had warmed up more, as I found 66.5° to 71° water.  The water looks pretty good on the south end in most places, although a couple of areas I found did have a slight green film on top, like the north end.

Today really warmed up.  It was 90° with a NW wind until about 1:00.  We had fog again this morning, and as the morning proceeded, the fog became pretty severe; lasting until around 11:30 or 12:00.  One thing to remember, if this lake is foggy, and you do not know Falcon very well, do not attempt to run it.  There are numerous points that extend into the water and are pretty shallow in areas.

Today was better as far as quantity of bass being caught.  There were 40 fish boated.  But unfortunately, the biggest fish was only 2 to 2-1/4#.  Most of these fish were 14″ to 15″.

Today I could not catch fish on moving baits, so plastics were pretty much the key.

We are closing in on a full moon this coming weekend, along with the stability of the weather and water, I am anticipating these fish to start their move into the spawn.

If your interested in fishing the spawn, give me a call or send me an e mail to schedule a day.

February 6, 2017

I took a couple of days off as we have had some pretty foggy mornings here in Zapata that lasted well into the day.

Our lake level is 25′ below full pool (301′) right now. It has come up slightly, but we still need it to come up tremendously to really do any good.

The County Ramp is still launchable; however, you must launch closest to the brush parallel to the ramp, as the portion of the boat ramp closest to the boat dock drops off into a hole that can create a problem.  You can launch with 2 wheel drive with no problem.

We are having great air temperature days. Today it warmed up to 85°.  The wind blew out of the southwest at 5. Water temperature ranged from 64.4° to 68°.  The water is starting to warm up.

Some parts of the lake are still off color from the standard clarity, but they are beginning to clear up.  Other areas are looking good.

Today we boated 15 fish.  Our biggest fish was around the 4# range.  We had several others between 3# and 4#.

Our tactics in catching these fish are pretty consistent, as I am still throwing moving baits (spinnerbaits) along with t-rigs and carolina rigging.

The bite is really off.  These fish just aren’t taking the bait aggressively, so it is very easy to miss a fish.

February 1, 2017

I am watching our lake levels pretty close right now, since the lake seems to continually drop a few inches a day.   Today’s level is 30.96′ below full pool of 301.20′, which is 41.6% full. However, instead of dropping, the lake came up 0.04′ today. This is really great! Maybe we can continue to get some of our water back in our lake, however; I am somewhat doubtful.

We had a fantastic day as far as weather. It was 66° this morning and it actually turned warm (84°) as the day progressed. The wind blew from the WSW, but again it was minimal. By late afternoon, the wind had died and you could feel the warmth.  If we continue to have these warmer days, our lake should become more stable and these fish could start their move.

Water temperatures have gotten a bit warmer, as most water today was 64° to 66°.

Noticed today that some areas on the lake has a slight green film.  I prefer not to have this film on the water, as it is just one more thing to have to contend with trying to catch these fish.

I think Falcon is fishing tough.  I say tough because there are not many fish being consistently caught either by quality or quantity.

We managed to boat 11 fish today with a 6.6# as our big fish.

We really haven’t moved off of our methods of fishing, as we are still throwing plastics and moving baits.

The Double “R” has a few  days available for booking.  Give us a call and we’ll set up a day.

This is the 6.6#…


January 31, 2017

Hit the water for what turned out to be another nice day.  Air temperatures for the morning started around 60° and moved up to the mid 70’s for the day. Winds were pretty minimal, maybe blowing 5 mph or so from the WSW.

Water temperatures continue to be consistent around 62° in most places fished.

Even though the weather was good, we had somewhat of a tough day.  Only 9 fish were boated with one weighing around 6#. This 6 is the first fish caught that had a belly on her.

Falcon continues to remain off color on the north end with the south end water clarity is close to a tea color, which is a good color for Falcon.

We threw a variety of baits, consisting of t-rigs, carolina rigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.

Like yesterday, we fished a variety of depth’s, ranging from a few feet to actually 30′ or so.

Right now Falcon is 41.1% full. We cannot continue to drop our lake level and keep the cover that is in our lake.  If it continues to drop, the majority of the trees will be out of the water.

If you are in the Zapata area, give me a call, let’s book a trip, and go hunting for these ‘ole bass.

Here’s the 6…..


January 30, 2017

Got back on the water today after being off for the holidays and being sick since Christmas.  It actually was a really nice day today.

The morning temperature started out at 35°, but it slowly warmed up towards the mid seventies, with little to no wind throughout the day.  With the day warming up, we saw numerous snakes sunning themselves in trees. Some of these snakes were quite large.

Water temperatures are cold, 58° – 62°.  I can tell you, these fish here on Falcon do not like this cold water.  They don’t like fluctuating air temps or water temperature dropping.  They pretty much like consistency when it comes to our South Texas weather.

The north end of the lake is really off color.  We are dropping water regularly, even with Amistad releasing water our way.  There is now alot of debris floating on the north end.

As you head south, the clarity of the water improves.

We caught 15 fish today.  Today was the first time in a while that we have actually been able to catch fish a variety of ways.  We threw t-rigs, carolina rigs, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits.  Our best 5 went 17+.

Water depth varied, depending on the location we fished.

Tomorrow we will be back at it, looking to see what we can find. We are suppose to have another great weather day, with the morning starting at 31° and progressing well up into the 70’s again.

Snakes and fish for the day…

IMG_20170130_155845725.  IMG_20170130_160136790_HDR   IMG_20170130_154131097_HDR.   IMG_20170130_154149874

January 14, 2017

The new year means that I have to get use to typing and writing 2017 instead of 2016.  So far, I’ve already had to correct myself.

Falcon is dropping on a daily basis.  As you can depict on this chart, it has dropped almost 2′ in the last couple of days.  From 36.1′ low to 34.9′ within two days is really a significant drop which can cause chaos for these fish.

Date Percent Full Mean Water Level
Reservoir Storage
Conservation Storage
Conservation Capacity
Surface Area
Today 2017-01-14 34.9 268.97 738,548 540,843 1,551,007 37,519
Yesterday 2017-01-13 35.5 269.33 751,713 550,485 1,551,007 37,928
2 days ago 2017-01-12 36.1 269.70 765,399 560,508 1,551,007 38,350


With our lake dropping, you can possibly find a few concentrated fish.  But don’t depend on this, these falcon fish really don’t like any changes whatsoever with their lake, rather it’s a dropping water levels, cold or cool fronts blowing in, water temperature changes, etc. You could say they are creatures of habit in some ways.

December 31, 2016

Robin and I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year!


December 25, 2016

The Double “R” Guide Service would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.


December 15, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level is at 273.06′
Lake level is now 28.14′ below full pool of 301.20
Change since yesterday —-  up 1.55′


December 1, 2016

Robin and I are headed to Springtown to spend some quality time with our grandson, Rowdy and then, onto Wylie, to celebrate Christmas with family. We will be off of Falcon Lake until after the New Year.

November 24, 2016

The Double “R” Guide Service would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.


November 23, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level
271.92′ MSL– up 0.09′.  Lake level is 29.28′ below full pool of 301.20.


November 20, 2016

Woke up this morning to 35° weather. Now that’s pretty cool for Zapata.

Without even getting on the water, I knew our water temps had dropped.  I actually found 68° water today, so this cold front definitely changed our water temps.

The water clarity in the areas we fished today was really off color.  Again, we found green tinted water.

Winds blew slight at times today, with the air temps warming up to 70°, with sun.  So, within a few days, we went from shorts weather, to light jackets.

Carolina rigs were our producers today. We had no takers on moving baits.

We caught 19 fish and 11 were keepers. We had several nice looking fish today. Something to keep in mind when fishing Falcon.  These fish are not aggressive with their bite. It is actually a very sensitive bite. So, when you are working your bait, make sure that you are keeping a close eye on your line.  If not, you could miss the slightest movement of your line and miss a chance on setting the hook.  With the way these fish are biting right now, you can’t afford to miss any chances at setting the hook.

We are getting ready to go into Thanksgiving week, which is usually  slow, but I’ll be on the water and will be giving some scouting reports.

November 19, 2016

Our predicted cold front hot.  We had 58° weather early this morning.  The Double “R” did not go out today, as we needed to do what’s called fishing maintenance. Respooling line, restocking baits, cleaning the boat up, etc.

November 18, 2016

Got on the water about 7:30 this morning. Decided to hit all new water today.  Actually hit about 40 areas today; not fishing all of them, but actually graphing and looking for fish.

Our water temps dropped a couple more degrees in the last few days.

The air temps today were in the 70’s, with partly oudy skies. The wind wasn’t suppose to blow much, which it didn’t, until about 3:00, and then it starting blowing  or so.  During the day, what little wind that did blow, kept changing directions; ENE, WNE, and then a full blown north wind.  Which was the front that we were expecting.

Today, we boated 34 fish; we almost had a “smorgasbord”, which is catching a variety of species.  Along with the 34 bass boated, we caught 5 crappie, and a white bass.  The crappie caught were really good size.  On Falcon, crappie and white bass have to be at least ten (10) inches. Both crappie and the white bass were well over 10″.

We finally picked up a couple of different patterns.  We threw spinnerbaits and carolina rigs to pick up some of these fish.

We also found some really clear water, as you could see down 24″ to 30″ or do. Now that’s really clear for here on Falcon.

Just a quick note, for all fishermen–make sure you have a good set of side cutters with you.  I have always carried a pair, and today they came in handy.  I had Penny (our Red Heeler) out with me, and she got excited when I set the hook, and got a 5/0 hook in her front right paw.  It went all of the way through. So I was able to cut the hook off and pull it through.  If I hadn’t of had the in the boat, there is no way I would have been able to do this.

The Double “R” has days open next week, so give us a call.

November 14, 2016

Man, Falcon has been eating my lunch.  I have had a really tough time putting a good number of quality fish in the boat. There is one thing that I am certain of, I am not going to sugar coat my reports to make me or my business look good. With that said, I have been on the water quite a bit, looking to change this.

Today was a nice day for fishing.  We had 80° weather and little to no wind.

Water temps ranged in the low 70’s.  Now, this is probably going to change, as we are expecting a cold front to come in later in the week.  So, our air and water temps will, or should drop.

We are still chunking plastics on texas rigs. This pattern has now held for quite some time.

The north end of the lake has really turned off color.  Alot of the areas have a green tint to the water, a couple are still milky too.

We boated 16 fish today.  Not the quantity or quality that I am looking for.

I’ll he back at it again, so stay tuned for more updates.

November 12, 2016

Zapata has gotten a little rain the last couple of days and with our cool fronts that we are having, this sure is shaking these fish up. Falcon fish do not like any type of cool or cold front changes. From years of fishing on this lake, experience tells me when we have these changes, these ole’ Falcon fish shut down.

Today was cloudy with air temperatures of 73°. Big difference from our 100° days. Winds blew 4 – 7.

Our water temperature is now down to 76°. It has dropped just about 12° in a week and a half to two weeks.

I know that I sound as if I am repeating myself, but we are still chunking texas rigs with a variety of colors. Keep in mind when fishing, pay attention to the clarity of the water. For off color water, throw some darker colored baits and baits with chartreuse. For clear water, you can throw your lighter colors.

Today, we tried some spinnerbaits to see if we could pick up some fish, but we had no takers. This surprises me, as there are areas where fish are chasing bait fish.

The lake has now come up a foot since last week. This also contributes to how Falcon fishes and can also cause the water to dirty up.

As far as fish today, it was really tough. We only caught 9 fish, all but one was a keeper fish. Again, we did not have any big fish.

We have about 10 weeks left in 2016, plenty of time to schedule a trip for Falcon, so give us a call @ 956-857-7314, and we’ll go out a wet a line.

Here’s what today looked like..


November 8, 2016

Got on the water today for the last day before Daylight Savings Time begins.

As we continue to get on the water, we are seeing daily changes in our water clarity. There are areas that are now turning chalky that weren’t a couple of days ago and areas that are now somewhat clear.

There are absolutely no changes in our fishing patterns from several weeks ago. We continue to throw various colors of plastics on texas rigs.

Today did not produce any crankbait bites whatsoever. This actually surprises me, as a some of the areas that we are fishing have quite a few bait fish.

Air temps today actually were in the high 70’s. Winds were zero to none, sure makes fishing alot easier when you dont have to fight the wind.

The water temperature dropped a degree or so again.

22 fish were boated today. Out of those boated, we had some good solid 4’s in the mix.

This is how we started the morning.


November 6, 2016

Had another day on the water and it was a great weather day to go fishing.

We did not have any trips scheduled, so today was a scouting day. It’s time to hit new areas on this lake and see if any are holding the kind of fish we are looking for. As our reports show, we have not caught many big fish, and that’s what we are looking for. Now I’m talking about fish 7# and up. We have caught a few, but not what we have wanted.

Air temps were in the low 80’s today with winds of 3 – 8 blowing NE, and partly cloudy.

Water temps dropped again. I am finding water around 80°.

The water color continues to change daily, as we are having some windy nights.

Bait presentation is not changing, it continues to be plastics and texas rigging.

However, I did pick up a crankbait today and caught a few.

Something that we haven’t touched on lately is the type of line we are throwing. We are throwing 20# and 25# Izor Line. This line is a co-polymer monofilament line that holds up to these massive trees, rocks, and concrete foundations that lies in our water.

Emded up boating 18 fish today with several in the high three’s. Still not finding those consistent big fish that I’m looking for.

Tomorrow’s another day, that means another fishing report to follow.

Since today was a scouting day, Penny rode along, wonder what she was thinking.

img_20161104_150254977_hdr  img_20161104_150225870

November 4, 2016

We are starting to have some cooler nights and days in Zapata. Our cooler days consist of days in the 80’s.

Water temps are beginning to cool off as well. Temps ranged from 82° to 84°.

Water clarity continues to vary depending on the area fished.

Today only 19 fish were caught. We did not have anything big, just some 3 pounders.

The Double “R” continues to Texas rig to catch these fish. Right now we do not have a specific color, as we have caught fish on a variety of colors.

The Double “R” has a few days open, so give us a call and we’ll go out and snag a few.

November 1, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level
270.90′ msl
Level is 30.30′ below full pool of 301.20
0.02′ drop since yesterday, Oct. 31, 2016


October 31, 2016

We are not fishing today.  Since it’s Halloween Day here are a couple of trick or treaters.

img_20161031_121855678 img_20161031_111215402

October 30, 2016

The Double “R” spent another day on the water.

Today the weather prediction was just a little off with the wind and temperature. It was predicted that there would not be any wind, but it blew just a tad, probably up to around 9 or so today. But the odd thing is that it changed directions off and on.

The air temps were higher today — 87° or so. Water temps ranged from 79.9° to 82°.  We are having cooler nights, so our water is starting to cool down.

Moving bait bites is now practically zilch; which surprises me since there are quite a few bait fish in areas.

Today we continued to fish texas rigs, but decided to try a variety of colors and sizes of plastics to see if we could pick up size vs. numbers.  We were able to boat 28 fish, with a few good fish.  We actually had 3 fish break us off today, but we don’t count them or any other fish that do not come in the boat.

I did make one mistake today. I did not drink enough water while fishing, and I sure am feeling it now.

One of the good fish caught today.


October 28, 2016

It’s hard to pass up days like we are having and not go fishing.  I did not have a trip today, so Robin and I went out.

I believe we hit about 30 different areas fishing just about 10 hours.  We do make a day out on the water, when we go out.

We worked water depths from a couple of feet to 30′ of water.

Air temps were in the low 80’s today with the wind blowing east at 5.  It was so nice today, that our Red Heeler, Penny, went out with us. Generally, when the hot summer months come around, we leave her at the house.

From being on the water 2 days ago to today, the moving bait bite has just about diminished.

We are continuing to catch fish on texas rigs and Robin did throw a c-rig today, but the t-rig beat out the carolina rig 4 to 1.

We boated 34 fish today. Of those 34 fish boated, 27 were keepers.  We had a few fish in the mix of decent size.  Our best 5 weighed 23# – 24#.

Here’s a couple of pics from today.

img_20161028_163231075_hdr  img_-f8prr1

October 26, 2016

Hit the water again. We have had some nice weather here in Zapata lately.  Little to no wind and air temps in the 80’s.

Water clarity is different depending on the areas you are fishing. We actually have somewhat clear water, where you can see down to a 1-1/2′ or so, chocolate colored water, and in areas, you even have off colored green water.

Water temps are ranging from high 70’s to around 82°, again depending on the location fished.

Today we caught 28 fish, with 19 keeper fish. We did have not any big fish, just a couple of good decent fish, weighing high 4’s and a 5. Today we did break a couple of fish off, but it’s difficult to know if they were big or not, as the majority of these ole’ Falcon fish are tough, even the smaller ones and they sure can fool you.

The moving bait bite is slowing down for the Double”R”, but texas rigging plastics are still catching fish.  And the bite continues to be difficult to detect.

The weather is expected to stay nice for a few more days and then we are expected to hit those high 90° days again.

October 21, 2016

This front that blew in has really given us nice weather days.  It’s a pleasant surprise to have days in the 70’s or low 80’s, with night time temps being below 60°.  Last night it was 46°.  Robin is already looking for her winter clothes.

The front along with the full moon, is continuing to wreck havoc on these fish. Having a front or a full moon alone, is enough to change these fish up, but to have both makes it very challenging.

For me, numbers of fish being caught are down.  We only boated 14 fish, but we were able to find several fish in the 4# range, fishing around 4-1/2 hours.

You are starting to see a few more boats at the ramp, for this is the time of year, as Zapata starts to get snow birds for several months.

As we were coming off of the water, we took this picture of the sun with birds heading to roost.


October 20, 2016

The cold front blew in yesterday, dropping temps during the day around 20°, making the day in the low 70’s.   Night temps were down to 56°.  This should definitely change fishing conditions.

One thing about Falcon, our fish are not enthused with cold fronts. So fishing can turn off with these cold fronts.

We have also now had a full moon here on Falcon for a couple days, so we’ve been going out later in search of the big bite.

Water temps dropped a little bit with the ftont. The areas we fished were around 82° – 84°.

My personal opinion is that the water clarity in most areas is off color.

We are still throwing texas rigs and working them slow.  Right now these fish don’t want the plastics presented fast.  As in the past, there are still a few fish taking moving baits, but this type of bite is slowing down.

When working an area, make sure you work that area thoroughly, as some of these fish seem to wait on the bait to be presented several times before striking.

Today’s numbers were ok. We caught 26 fish (15 keepers and 11 unders). We did have 2 fish on that broke us off, but we did not see these fish, so I can’t say if they were big or not. We are catching a few ” decent” fish, but today nothing big. When I say “big”, I am referring to fish ranging from 7.00# on up.

Man, there are a lot of pelicans, seagulls, and cormorants on the water. Late in the day, there are 100’s, if not 1000’s roosting.  It looks like a big convention.


October 19, 2016

Again today was tough. We had the first of several expected full moon’s last night, and that changed fishing somewhat.

Today, only 16 fish were boated, which we worked really hard to get.  Only 9 were keeper fish.

We are expecting a cold front sometime today, which should cause air temps to drop and it could possibly make fishing even tougher.

October 14, 2016

This is going to be a really short report.


Boated 8 fish with 2 keepers. The 2 keepers were not big, 3#.

The wind is starting to effect the water clarity some.   We need the lake to settle and hopefully it will get back to fishing decent.

October 13, 2016

Hit the water first thing this morning.

Air temps were low 80’s, with water temps around 86°.

Winds blowing ESE at 10 – 15.

Checked out some areas with new water, and looked at done of my spots that I’ve been fishing.

Today was not great, only boated 18 fish today.  Keeper fish numbered 10 for the day.  Our biggest fish was around 4#.

With today, I know I have some work on locating some big fish.

Back at it tomorrow.

October 12, 2016

I am back in Zapata and ready to do some fishing.  The lake has come up around 3 – 4 feet and it looks good. Everything is so green and thriving.

The lake is off colored in parts.  Areas are somewhat clear, while others are a milky color, and then you’ll find areas more chocolatey color.

There are new areas to fish, which lets these fish spread out some.

September 27, 2016

We finally got some rain at Falcon. We received about 14″ so, hopefully, we will see our lake level rising.

September 15, 2016

Robin and I are headed to San Antonio, as we are celebrating our grandson, Rowdy’s, 3rd birthday at Chucke Cheese.

We will head back in a couple of weeks.

September 14, 2016

Another day on the water.  I’m beginning to think that these days on the water are just a replica from the days before.

Winds blowing 10 – 15 out of the SE.  Air temps high 90’s to 100°.

Water clarity continues to be the same, which is good, that we can be consistent. Water temps high 80’s.

We boated 28 fish today. Out of these, 18 were keeper fish.  Several decent fish made it to the boat today, these weighed 4-1/2# and upward to around 6# or so.

Plastic rigs are our primary key.  We are going through a lot of baits, as we are missing quite a few fish as well.

We now have a prediction of some rain, so keep your fingers crossed, as we really need the water.

The 2 pictures below are a couple of fish boated today.


September 12, 2016

The Double “R” is back on the water after a short break.

Today was a hot day as the air temp rose to 100°.  The wind was predicted to blow 5 – 7, but it blew close to 15 most of the day.

Water clarity is somewhat good, as you can see your bait about a 1-1/2′ down in the water.

We are continuing to drop our water level without much rain around here.

Today was somewhat tough fishing, numbers wise.  We only boated 28 fish today.  However, we did catch a couple of decent fish, with one weighing 9.00#. This fish was caught on a texas rig.  The majority of our fish are still coming off of plastics, with a few being caught on moving baits.

As I’ve said, over and over, these Falcon fish just aren’t very aggressive when they take the bait.  It’s very easy to miss these fish right now.

Here’s the 9.00#, she was a pretty fish.


August 6, 2016

Had a trip today with two really nice guys, Cliff and Eric, from Abilene.

Unfortunately, I lost count today as to how many fish we caught, but I know it was at least 60 fish, if not more.  Caught alot of small keeper fish, quite a few in the 2-1/2# to 3# range. Both Cliff and Eric stated they had a blast fishing and catching the numbers of fish we did.

I usually don’t talk about if we lose fish, because I feel that unless those fish are in the boat, they just don’t count, but today we lost 2 nice fish that I really wanted in the boat. One of the big fish that Cliff had on was determined not to make it to the boat and gave him a fit. We actually saw this fish and it was a really nice fish, estimating it’s weight to be at least 7#. Cliff also had the second big fish on as well, but it straightened out the treble hooks both on the front and back of his bait, so we did not get to see it.

Our bites were much better before the wind picked up. Once the wind started blowing, our bites slowed way down.

Air temps were HOT–well over 100°. As I mentioned, the wind started to blow quite a bit as the day went on, which can make fishing certain areas tougher, as far as boat positioning.

Water temps continue to stay about the same mid 80’s to low 90’s.  I know folks read these water temps and wonder how you can catch fish.  Well, our Falcon fish are use to the hot summers and water temps that we have, so it really does not effect them like it would at a lake that normally does not have this type of water temperatures.

The Double “R” continues to hit the water fishing the same rigs for several weeks now. We are throwing t-rigs and moving baits to catch these fish.

Falcon will be nearing 34′ low soon,  and I am sure we will hit this within the next few days.

Here are a couple of pics of some of the smaller keepers we caught today.

IMG_20160806_103730998 IMG_20160806_105444507_HDR

We still have some days open, so give us a call and we’ll go out and catch some fish.

August 4, 2016

Another day on the water for me and man, did the weather “people” get the wind wrong today. Highs for the wind were suppose to blow SE 6 – 7, but it blew upward to 15 or so, and then gradually did drop back down to 8 – 10.

Air temps were no different – low 80’s at take off and about 104° later in the afternoon. The 104° does not include the index, that is just the heat.

Water temps continue to stay about the same as the last few days — 85° to 91°.

This poor lake continues to drop everyday, but it sure hasn’t hurt fishing here on Falcon. Actually, I guess you can look at the fact that with the lake falling, these fish will become more concentrated in areas.

Our level today is 268.41– 34.7% full.

The Double “R” is continuing to fish with the same pattern for several weeks now, we are throwing plastics, (mostly Texas Rigs), and some moving baits.

Today we boated 54 fish, with 33 keepers and our big fish being around 5#, we did not fish a full day, we came off the water about 1:30. Our best 5 weighed 20# – 21#.

I am off tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I am going out or not, as the wind is expected to blow 20 out of the southeast.

I do have a trip on Saturday, so that should will be the next report provided.

August 3, 2016

Hit the water at 7:15 this morning as it was going to be another hot day. When we launched, it was 82° with very little wind.  The wind prediction was 7 SE today, but the wind did blow as the day went on, and it was more like 12 – 15.  Today was another warm day as the heat got up to 104°.

Water temps ranged from 86.5° to 91.3° throughout the day, as expected when the day goes on, the water will warm.

This water clarity still is still not great. 

Today we actually boated 75 fish.  Of those 75, 60 were keepers.  We really had some good decent fish today, with our best 5 going around 26# or so.  We had several 3-1/2# to 4-1/2# fish.

The Double “R” is continuing to fish the same pattern that we have for several weeks now.  We are working moving baits and throwing plastics as well.

Right now there are not many folks down here fishing.  Today when launching, there were 2 boats, including me at the ramp.  And when I came in, there were maybe 4 rigs including me.

Right now is a great time to be fishing Falcon. There are a lot of fish to be caught.  So give us a call and let’s go find some bass to catch.

Our lake right now is 34.9% full. We are at 268.52. I sure hope that we don’t lose much more water.

IMG_20160803_105345689 IMG_20160803_124113086

 July 31, 2016



Percent Full Mean Water Level
Reservoir Storage
Conservation Storage
Conservation Capacity
Surface Area
 07/26/16     36.5 269.43   755,349     566,287 1,551,007 38,039

This is our recent lake level on Falcon.  As you can see we are continuing to drop, however, we still have ALOT of water to fish. So, don’t let our lake level keep you from wanting to fish right now.

The fishing continues to be good with large numbers of fish being caught.  You will go through quite a few plastics while fishing. These ole’ Falcon fish are quite mean once they are hooked.  Even the small fish are very aggressive.  So aggressive that if you loose a small fish, you think you’ve lost a decent or big fish.

I consider the bite to still be delicate and hard to detect.  The bass simply are either holding on to the bait and waiting to see what your bait does next or  they may start swimming with your bait, but if you are not paying attention, you won’t notice them swimming off and you will miss these bites.

If your looking for a guide that has 30 years experience here on Falcon, give me a call to set up a trip.  Not only will you get to experience fishing a great lake, but you will also be able to find out the history that actually lies in our Falcon Lake waters.

July 26, 2016

Scouting Report 

After taking a couple of days off, it was time to hit Falcon again for another day of fishing.

I know that these reports are looking and sounding the same, but right now here in Zapata, we only have one kind of weather –HOT!  Morning temps were again in the low 80’s, but it actually got up to 106° today.

Winds were slight today, blowing around 7 from the southeast.

Fished a variety of areas today that we hadn’t fished lately.  Today we boated 35 fish with 20 keepers.  We had several fish that weighed over 4#, coming off of the water at 2:00.

These fish on Falcon must like consistency because that’s exactly how the pattern has been – consistent.

Tonight we are suppose get rain.  Sure hope we do.  Lord knows we need it. Our level has dropped it’s now 269.43.  which is 36.5% full

Two pics from today’s scouting…



July 23, 2016

Hit the water again today.  It was another “warm” day for sure.  Low 80’s again in the morning, with temps hitting 104°.

Water temps are continuing to increase. The majority of the water we fished were around 88° to 91°.

The clarity is still continuing to improve. We need to keep having these days of lighter winds to keep settling this lake down.

Today was similar to yesterday.  We caught 64 fish today with 57 being keepers, with several fish in the decent weight range – 4# – 6#.

We pretty much fished the same way as yesterday, so our pattern still has not changed.

Falcon’s lake level is 269.69, 37% full. We sure need to start keeping our water or have some drastic rainey days.

Here’s one of our fish for the day….


July 22, 2016

The water clarity is beginning to clear up on the lake and is getting back to the color we had before so many continuous windy days.

The lake is still fishing good. There are alot of fish being caught, actually if you keep count, these numbers will go pretty high. But one thing to keep in mind is that some of these same fish caught are small.

Today we caught 66 fish. Out of these fish boated, 54 were keepers; ranging from 2# up to 5# or so.

The wind predictions for the day were ESE 11. The winds were spot on for a change.  Air temps were low 80’s in the a.m. and hitting 105° by the afternoon.  Water temps ranged from 85.6° to 91.4° throughout the day. The water is definitely getting warmer.

Fishing patterns are continuing to pretty much stay the same.  We are fishing alot of different ways.  Since these fish are hitting a variety of baits always have a smorgasboard of baits ready to go.

Hey, let’s go out and catch a few here on Falcon.  Just give me a call to set up a date.

July 18, 2016

Finally!  We were ble to get on the water today with the unbelievable wind that we have had for a week now.  Today’s winds were expected to blow up to 13, ESE, which were pretty accurate.

The air temperature at 7:00 a.m was in the low 80’s, but as the day went on, temps increased to 104°.

Wate temps pretty much kept consistent in the areas fished – 85° or so.

Water clarity is really off, due to the continuous winds, which were gusting at times upwards to the high 20’s.  Actually, the water is a grayish color.

Fishing right now is good.  You can pretty much catch fish on any given bait, rather it’s plastics or a moving bait.  But, alot of these fish caught are small fish.

Today we boated 53 fish.  Out of those caught, 23 were keepers. So, there were 30 fish caught under 14″.  We did not have any big fish today. The biggest one weighed around 3-1/2#.

Our fish are not in a true summer pattern as expected.

The wind is finally slowing down, so the rest of the week looks really good for fishing.

The Double “R” has some openings right now.  Give us a call and we can go hunt down some of these ole’ Falcon bass.

I wanted to share a couple of pics with you of the sun rising early this morning right out of the clouds, sort of  ereey looking.

IMG_20160718_065728896_HDR   IMG_20160718_070138513_HDR

July 11, 2016

Have not been able to get on the water now for a couple of days, due to the wind.  These winds have been tremendous here.  Early in the morning, they are tolerable when you first get up, but within a couple of hours, the wind has increased making it unsafe to be on the water.  Add gust ranging from 22 or so, to up around 30 at times.  I know one thing, with this kind of wind, it will blow you around or take your cap tight off of your head.

July 9, 2016


Went out today on a scouting trip.  Since we are having really hot weather, we were on the water before 7:00 a.m. and off by 2:00 p.m.

The air temps were already in the 80’s early in the morning, with the temperature rising onward and upward to 104° later in the day.   Winds were around 15 but as the day went on, the winds got higher, with gust of mid to high 20’s.

Water temps actually were consistent in the areas fished – 85.6°.

We caught 34 fish, but only 13 were keepers. Out of those keepers caught, we really didn’t have any big fish, they were all generally up to about 2# fish.

Fishing patterns still haven’t changed. We are still throwing plastics as we have been.

These fish on Falcon are still biting very delicate. Years past, our fish bit pretty aggressively, but they have not for quite sometime.  You have got to really pay attention to your bait and line.

These summer month’s are hot and windy.  By late afternoon, temperatures are 100° – 105°, and that’s not with a heat index.  This last week, the wind has also been brutal on a daily basis.

A great way to start the morning…


July 1, 2016

We are getting close to the time of year that I really like fishing Falcon, the month of August. Even though the hot temperatures can be brutal, these old Falcon Lake bass can be caught and are alot of fun catching, during the summer months.

Robin  and I are heading back to Zapata.  So if you see a white Dodge and a Nitro boat around, stop me and let’s set up a day to go out and catch some of those Falcon Lake bass.

June 25, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level Imfo

Date Percent Full Mean Water Level
Reservoir Storage
Conservation Storage
Conservation Capacity
Surface Area
Today 2016-06-25 45.2 273.64 926,006 701,004 1,551,007 42,975
Yesterday 2016-06-24 45.5 273.77 931,354 705,053 1,551,007 43,122
2 days ago 2016-06-23 45.6 273.82 933,954 707,021 1,551,007 43,194
1 week ago 2016-06-18 46.1 274.14 947,660 715,528 1,551,007 43,573
1 month ago 2016-05-25 45.4 273.95 939,403 703,511 1,551,007 43,345
3 months ago 2016-03-25 54.9 284.62 1,480,529 851,056 1,551,007 57,512
6 months ago 2015-12-25 52.4 285.35 1,523,253 813,179 1,551,007 58,556
1 year ago 2015-06-25 48.4 283.61 1,422,697 750,843 1,551,007 56,076


June 24, 2016

Hit an XL bucket of balls at Northeast Driving Range.  While drinking a Gatorade and cooling off, we enjoyed watching these guys.


June 21, 2016

We headed back to San Antonio for a few days to take care of some things.  While here, Robin and I have played some golf at Northern Hills. As you can see, not only do I like fishing trees, but I like them playing golf as well.


June 18, 2016

I am not on the water today, I am taking a much needed break. However, not being on the water today does not mean that I do not know how this lake is fishing or the changes occuring on the lake on a daily basis.

Falcon is known to be a great lake to fish the first several month’s of the year, but in reality these summer month’s are really good times as well for fishing, and catching some good fish. Right now, we have some really good fish showing up. So, if you can take our hot weather, give the Double “R” Guide Service a call and let’s go out and catch some fish.

June 17, 2016

Finally able to get back on the water. I think Robin and I were both going a little crazy not getting out.

Since we were going to have another hot day, we headed out early.

The sun pretty well showed itself early, then add a mix of high humidity, you could only hope for a slight breeze. The wind was predicted to blow SSE 11, but it blew alot stronger than that until about 11:00. Then it practically layed down.

Zapata is experiencing consistent hot days. It’s been pretty common to have 100+ days, and this does not include a heat index. Today’s temp was no different. It was 103° today.

Water temps are low to mid 80’s with the water clarity being off. Alot of the off color is due to the winds that we keep having. During the night, our winds are blowing a solid 20+, which dirties our water.

We caught 34 fish today. We actually had 2 8’s, along with several other really good fish. Our best 5 would have gone 32+#. We are catching alot of 1-1/2# to 3# fish.

Until recently, Falcon’s level was dropping significately, but for a few days now, the level is holding at 26.84′ low, with a full pool of 301.20.

IMG_20160617_111929017 IMG_20160617_112829918 IMG_20160617_112850893_HDR IMG_20160617_111941049

June 14, 2016

I have not been able to get on the water, as the wind here has been atrocious.

June 11, 2016

Day 2 of the API Tournament proved to be a little more difficult. We fished new areas and did go back to some of the areas that we fished the day before.

It was another brutal day as far as the heat (100°) and humidity, and then add the wind in. Makes for tough fishing and difficult boat position.

We basically threw plastics for most of this tournament. Probably the hardest part of the fishing was the bite. Falcon’s fish just have not had an aggressive bite for quite some time now.

We caught quite a few fish, but just not the quality bites like the day before. Once it was said and done, we only weighed a little over 9#, and came in 3rd place.

June 10, 2016

Today was a “two-fold”. The anticipation fishing a tournament while at the same time being on a guide trip made it very interesting.

We had another very hot (102°) and humid day; actually borderline miserable. The wind was light, as it allowed us to fish the areas necessary.

Water temps are continuing to warm. 84° water is pretty consistent on Falcon.

Since this just was not a guide trip, you had to manage your time at each spot that you fish. Fortunately, managing our time was not difficult. By 11:00, we weighed in 19.19# for 3 fish (this tournament had a 3 fish limit). And the reason for weighing in early was to preserve these fish, get them on the scales, and back in the water. Leighton caught the big fish of the day weighing 7-1/2#.

After the weigh in concluded, we were in 2nd place by 1/2 pound.

400 387 388 394 395 IMG_20160610_095713056

June 9, 2016

Had a 1/2 day trip with Jim and Leighton. We were preparing and scouting for the upcoming API tournament this coming weekend. The API has a guide division, where a team can hire a guide and fish.

We hit areas that I had not fished lately. Most of the areas we fished, we did catch fish.

We have been having some intense hot weather lately along with that good ‘ole hot wind. If your not careful, the weather here can really knock you down quick. So make sure you continually hydrate yourself throughout the day.

June 8, 2016

Fished two days with good numbers of fish and some decent fish.

The weather was sunny, with air temps in the 90’s, water temps were between 80° to 84°.

Majority of the areas fished had semi-stained water.

We boated 24 fish on Monday, had three between 5# – 6#. Fished a variety of baits along with various presentations as well.

On Tuesday, we had 22 fish. Our biggest fish went a high 7, along with several 4’s.



June 5, 2016

Giant Salvinia has been found in the Vallenos, by the boat ramp. It was a courtesy of someone who had it on their boat trailer when launching.

All Salvinia has been picked up, and from what is understood, TPWD will do whatever it takes to make sure that it does not get started in our lake.

June 2, 2016

Last week, TPWD stocked 250,000 bass fingerlings in the Valleno’s. And more are coming for the south end of the lake as well.

April 19, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level 279.12′
10:10 a.m.
22.08′ below full pool
.24 down since yesterday.

In 1 week, our lake has now dropped another 2′!

April 11, 2016

Falcon Lake Water Level 281.32′
10:07 a.m.
29.87′ below full pool
.35 down dince yesterday

So in a nut shell, our lake has dropped almost 4′ in 2 weeks.

April 7, 2016

This lake continues to drop. I have had to move the boat dock at Lakefront for the 2nd time this week. They have dropped the lake another foot since Monday.

April 2, 2016

We had 28 fish today; no big one’s. Biggest was only around 4#.

Water temps were in the 70’s with air temperature being 69° – 70°.

We have had a good solid pattern going for several month’s now.

Water clarity is good in most parts of the lake.

While fishing today, we could see the “Falcon Blimp” keeping an eye out on the lake.



April 1, 2016

Falcon has now dropped at least a good 1′ to a 1-1/2′, if not more in the last week. At this rate, we won’t have any water left. Just about the time our lake becomes stable, they open the gates and let the water roll out.

March 29, 2016

Everyone is welcome to stop by and visit with the Double “R” Guide Service.


March 27, 2016

We caught 35 fish today. Our 5 best weighed 22# – 23#.

Most of our fish were caught on plastics, Texas Rigs.

Water clarity is good. Air temps were in the low 80’s, with a slight breeze. Water temps ranged in the high 70’s.


March 18, 2016

The Double “R” Guide Service is hunkered down here in Zapata, waiting on the arrival of bad weather.

Wind gust of 70, half dollar size hail, and thunderstorms are expected.

March 17, 2016

As of 10:00 yesterday morning, Falcon has come up 7″, we are now just 16.63′ low.

March 12, 2016

Took a repeat client, Raymond, out today. Fishing was a litle tough for us. Today, Mother Nature decided that she would deal us some wind making fishing tough.

As I have posted in the past, plastics are still the “go to” way to fish.

The water was a little stained but that was from the wind. These fish are use to the daily conditions that this lake presents.

We did not catch any big fish today, but we are continuing to catch alot of small sized fish, which means down the road, Falcon should have some really good decent fish in it. There are reports of some folks catching very large numbers of fish, but you need to keep in mind that not all of these fish are good quality fish. Alot of them are small fish.

March 10 – 11, 2016

Had a two day trip with a couple of nice guys.

The water temps are slowly on the rise, which should make these fish start moving and become more aggressive.

As typical this time of year, you are going to have some really windy days. But the last couple of days, I would have to say the wind has cooperated.

We did not catch a boo-koo number of fish, but we did catch some good fish. Also in the mix were some small fish.

Big fish of the day…


March 9, 2016

Went out with Robin today.

It was 85° and no wind, until about 3:30, then we started getting a slight breeze. No hugh fish, boated around 25 fish, most were solid keepers up to 5#.

One of our bigger fish…


March 8, 2016

And the thunderstorm, high winds, and rain have arrived.

March 7, 2016

Not sure if I will be fishing tomorrow. the wind is suppose to blow 25 with gust of 35.

February 27 – 28, 2016

The pattern contiues to be consistent. It’s been plastics for quite sometime now. The bite is still very hard to detect. You have to pay close attention to these fish. If you don’t you just won’t hook up. I remember year’s ago when the bite was aggressive and the fish were easy to hook.

For February, the weather was actually nice. We had a slight breeze during the day with sunshine off and on throughout the day. Air temps were in the high 60’s.

Water clarity is good right now and Falcon is looking pretty good.

Here is the big fish (8#) of the day..


February 26, 2016

After Tug’s funeral, I headed back to Zapata for scheduled trips.

February 7, 2016

It is with a sad and heavy heart to say that yesterday, Feb. 6th, Robin’s father, Tug, peacefully took his last breath at 91 years of age, after battling health issues. Even though you think you are prepared for what is to come, you truly never are.

January 2, 2016

It has been decided that Robin and I are staying in San Antonio intentively as Robin’s dad’s health is continuing to fail and he needs us to be around.

December 25, 2015

The Double “R” Guide Service would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 15, 2015

Robin and I are heading to Wylie to celebrate Christmas with family.

December 11, 2015

Ran to the Valleno Bridge today to see what had been done with construction on the new bridge crossing over the lake, along Highway 83. It was pretty neat to see all of the construction equipment and big rigs crossing over the lake on a dirt road that has been built.


December 10, 2015

Another great day on the water. 84°, with a slight breeze, and sunny.

Water temps ranged from 69° to 74° with good water color.

Fishing wise, it was slower today. Boated 22 fish, with 18 of those being keepers. Big fish was not very big, it weighed 4.14#.

The pattern is still the same — plastics. Did try throwing some other types of rigs, but none seem to work as good.


December 9, 2015

We had intense fog until noon. So we decided not to venture too far for safety reasons. But by the end of the day it was nice, 82° and sunny.

Fished 5 spots today. Water temps in these areas ranged between 70° and 73°. This is the warmest water we have found so far.

We boated 32 fish, and only 14 were keepers. Big fish was a 5 with several solid 3’s in the mix. Caught alot of small fish, but it sure is good to see them.

Our pattern has not changed. It’s still plastics on Texas Rigs.

This is what we started off with in the morning…..


December 8, 2015

Today was awesome. The weatherman predicted the wind to blow 7 – 9 SSE, which it did for part of the day.

This morning was 62°, and by the afternoon it was 76° with sunshine.

Areas fished had water temps of 66° – 68°.

We boated 42 fish, with 21 being keepers. Our best 5 weighed 22# – 23#.

Big fish was a 6.10#, along with several 4’s, and numerous 3’s.

Plastics are still the key on Texas Rigs. When fishing, don’t get in a hurry, ad you will miss these bites. Plus, the bite is real soft and hard to detect.

Falcon looks really good, but there are not many people here fishing. Today at the County Ramp there may have been 6 – 7 rigs.

A pic of the big fish…


And a nice way to end the day…


December 7, 2015

I don’t have any trips scheduled right now, so if you are interested in fishing Falcon, give the Double “R” a call and we can set something up.

We have now had 5 days of fantastic weather here on Falcon.

We are now sitting 17′ low. We have caught some water which has really helped our lake.

Today was a great day. Caught 27 fish. 14 of these fish were solid keeper fish. Big fish was a 6 with a couple of high 4’s, and several 3’s. Our best 5 would have gone 22#.

December 5, 2015

Today was a repeat from yesterday weather wise.

Air temps the same, with water temps ranging from 65° to 67°.

December 4, 2015

Hit the water again. Decided to hit new areas today, looking for bigger fish.

Air temps in the morning were in the high 50’s, with the day warming up to 74°. Like yesterday, there was absolutely no wind.

Today was slower, boated just 11 fish, with our big fish weighing 3#.

The majority were holding in 10′ to 13′ of water, with a delicate bite.

December 1, 2015

Made a trip back to Falcon. We have had a couple of really nice days on the water. Low 70’s, no wind. Supposed to be another good day tomorrow, 70’s with winds of 7 out of the southwest.

Hadn’t been on the water for a while. Fished about 8-1/2 hours and caught 18 fish. Biggest fish over 4#, with the majority weighing 2# to 3-1/2#.

Air temps were in the mid 50’s in the morning, and by the afternoon, it was in the low 70’s.

Water temps ranged from 64° to 66° depending on the location we fished.

It was good to be back on the water.

November 8, 2015

In honor of all Veteran’s on this special day, the Double “R” salutes you.

October 31, 2015

Remember to move your clocks back 1 hour on Nov. 1st.

September 12, 2015

I will be away from Falcon for awhile. Robin’s dad’s health is slowly going down, so we are going to stay in San Antonio and be there ehrn needed.

September 8, 2015

We are heading back to San Antonio again. Our grandson, Rowdy, is having his 2 year birthday party.

September 5, 2015

The wind was brutal today. It’s blowing a good 25 consistently. Gotta love those 4′ swells.

September 4, 2015

We are heading back to San Antonio.

September 3, 2015

Heading back to Falcon, need to checkout the lake in it’s current condition.

July 25, 2015

We are heading back to San Antonio. Robin is spending a few days with her dad.

July 14, 2015

Headed to the boat ramp. It’s 80° at 6:15 a.m.. The expected winds are SE 13, with a high of 101°. Another normal day in South Texas.

July 10, 2015

Heading back to Zapata. It was nice to be in San Antonio, but now it’s time to get back to fishing.

July 9, 2015

Falcon Lake water level is 283.86′, 17.34′ below full pool.

June 25, 2015

I am going to be away for a bit, Robin and I have to head to San Antonio.

June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s.

June 2, 2015

Today Falcon Lake’s water level is 274.36, 26.84′ below full pool.

May 30, 2015

We’ve had alot of much needed rain here in Zapata lately. And this is what we feel like around here.


We just had another storm blow through, it’s dropped 20 degrees, it’s a cool 70° and drizzling.

May 26, 2015

Heading out to do a little fishing. Highs of 94°, winds 10 – 15 from the southeast, and sunny. With Falcon rising, there are so many new areas to check out.

May 25, 2015

Spent a day scouting the lake since its changing daily right now. With the lake coming up, these bass are spreading out into all of the vegetation that this new water is finding.

Water temps in the areas bordered 79° – 80°. Air temps mid 90’s, with a wind of 15 or so.

Started off with moving baits looking for large concentrations of fish which actually ended up being the ticket.

Water clarity was good mid lake, with the north end pretty well looking like chocolate milk. We sctually did not make it all the way south, but generally the south end is clearer than the north end.

We boated 12 fish. Big fish was a 6 with several heavy 4’s, a few small fish around the 2# range, mixed in with some dinks that measured 6″ to 8″. Not a bad day after a storm coming through.

May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Day and remember to shake a Veterans hand and thank them.

May 22, 2015

Falcon has come up about 4″ in the last day. It’s been slowly rising and is now a little over 20′ low. Here are pictures from the latest rise.

Main boat ramp…


Largest of the boat ramps in the back at Lakefront. I have now moved this dock several times now.


May 13, 2015

Playing golf today at Los Ebanos. Weather is not good for fishing as they are predicting thunderstorms. So we are trying to get a quick 18 in before it hits.

May 11, 2015

Its raining like crazy. We have a flash flood warning for the next four days. We do need water in our lake, but not flooding.

May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

April 30, 2015

Again! It’s 52° this morning. Did I say in Zapata, yes, in deep South Texas.

April 29, 2015

It’s 50° here in Zapata this morning!

April 27, 2015

Question to Ponder: Do you like to read a report from a fishing guide that is honest or do you prefer reports not quite accurate just to drum up more trips for their business?

April 26, 2015

Caught 13 fish today. Big fish was 7.2#. Best 5 went 21+. Lost a big fish that would have really helped our weight.

Water temps 80.9° to 82°. Water clarity is good. In the last week the lake has come up 4 – 5 inches.

Air temps mid 70’s @ 7:00 a.m. and 93° this afternoon and sunny.

April 21, 2015

Had to take my boat into Zapata Marine, it’s not running quite right.

April 19, 2015

This is the large boat dock at Lakefront Lodge. The first picture is a week ago and the 2nd picture is from 2 days ago. I went down and moved the dock so we can continue to use it.



April 14, 2015

More storms again today, with tornado warnings.

April 13, 2015

We ended up having one heck of a storm blow through last night. Rain, wind, and hail, along with another tornado warning.

We did get to go out today, for about 5 hours. Hadn’t been on the water for a few days due to the wind we have been having. Actually it wasn’t a bad day. Caught 13 fish with just 2 dinks. The rest were keepers. Had several in the 4+# range with our biggest fish being just over 5#.

Water temps were 76° to a little over 77° with the water being a little dirty. Air temps were in the 80’s with partly cloudy to some sun as the day began to progress.

They are predicting more storms tonight, but hopefully not the extent as last night.

Here is a picture of one of our fish…


April 12, 2015

No fishing today. We are having bad weather, rain, high winds, and a tornado warning.

April 9, 2015

We have had quite a bit of rain for the last several days along with wind.  The rain is really helping with our lake level.  Falcon continues to rise on a daily basis, actually coming up several inches the last few days.

April 3, 2015

Today was an exciting day, however; I can vouch that it wasn’t because of the fishing.

Robin and I went out and fished the Mexico side today.  While fishing, we were checked by the Mexicano Guardabosque.  Or as we know them, the Mexican Game Wardens or as some would call them, Federales.  3 of the 4 wardens were all dressed in identical clothing– yellow polos and blue trousers with ID badges around their neck. The 4th gentleman had the same colors on, but not the same identical clothing as the other 3 and he was the boat holder.  They pulled up in a boat that looked somewhat like a bay boat with their official name, etc., on their boat with lights flashing.  The exact same way that our Texas Game Wardens approach our boats.

They were doing a boat safety check along with checking for the necessary Mexican fishing license.  They were very nice, checked everything that was needed to be checked, including our life jackets, and asked us to please make sure that we wear them.  This boat check was no different than our boat check over here, except it was in a different language.  Once we were through, they left us and we continued to fish. And to be honest with you, actually Robin and I appreciate what they are doing on the water.

Today was really strange as far as fishing.  Our biggest fish may have “tipped” the scales at 2-1/2#. The rest of the fish we caught were small. Actually, Robin’s statement was “today was daycare day”.

Water clarity is better in some areas versus other areas; depending on where you are fishing.

Water temps were 77°, the lake is slowly warming. It was another windy day again until about 2:00 this afternoon, but with the sun shining, it was warm, actually it was 92°.

Plastics around the hardwoods, retama’s, huisache trees, along with the salt cedars are giving these fish plenty of cover to get shade from. Today we did work some drops and ledges as well.

Since the spawn is just about done, these fish are going to start moving out to deeper water, as they recuperate from their spawn and getting prepared for the summer months.  This is one reason why we decided to move out to deeper water and fish those drops and ledges.  When these fish move you have to move with them.

April 2, 2015

Today was somewhat tough for us.  We boated 8 fish with our biggest fish being around 3#. Unfortunately we did loose 2 decent fish. Of the 2 fish that we lost, we were able to see both of them. One fish actually came off just about the time she was coming out of the retama bush and the 2nd fish broke off just as we got her out of the hardwood tree.

It was another sunny day with a high of 90° and wind blowing SSE.  Water temps were pretty much consistent wherever we fished — 76°.

The water is still off color.  Something else to keep in mind when fishing here, you really have to be patient fishing your area.  The reason for this is that these fish are not biting all throughout the day.  They actually only bite during certain times and there is no set “biting” time.  So you basically have to wait them out.

As in the past, plastics are still working the best.

We have some open days on the calendar, so give us a call if you want to check Falcon Lake out.

April 1, 2015

Robin and I went out today.  We decided to check out areas that we have fished lately to see how they are fishing.

We had a good day. Our best 5 weighed a little over 25# with a 7.1#.  The rest of the fish boated were good solid fish, except for a little 2 pounder.

Water temps ranged from 72° to 76°.  Finally, Falcon is warming up like it should be.

However, the water is off color, but we have had some rain and wind the last few days.

Plastics are still the key around the hardwoods and brush.  Robin did catch one fish on a carolina rig, which tells me some of these fish are starting to suspend.

All fish caught today except for one, had no belly at all. So I am thinking we are just about done with our spawn except for the stragglers now.

This morning when we hit the lake it was 72° and when we finished this afternoon, it was 86° and nothing but sunshine. We did have to contend with the wind, as at times it blew 20 or so.

March 26, 2015

We are having trouble posting pics with our reports. As soon as we can get this “glitch” fixed, we will go back and add the pics to these reports.

March 23, 2015

Today was considered a good solid day.  Had the privilege to take out a gentleman from Oklahoma. We boated 20 fish for the day. Nothing big, but several of the fish we boated were good solid 4 pounders.  These fish are something else, they are ornery.  If you loose a solid 4+ you think you have lost a big fish, as they fight like crazy.

Water temps are now in the low 70’s and the water clarity is still really good.

Today was a really nice day weather wise.  We had sun shine and little wind.

Still tried throwing a spinnerbait, but just not catching any fish on them.  Even tried a little square billed crankbait, but no luck there.

So, by now, I know I sound like I am repeating myself, but plastics are continuing to work.

March 22, 2015

Falcon continues to come up. Giving us alot of new water and areas to check out.

While fishing, we only boated 10 fish. Our highest weighed 4-1/2# with the majority of our fish being in the 2 to 2-1/2# range.

The sun decided to show itself around noon which I think helps the fishing here on Falcon.

Water temps ranged from the high 60’s to 70°.  Air temps were 68 in the morning and ended up 84° with a minimal wind blowing NNE.

We did throw a spinnerbait but had no takers. This surprises me as these fish should be on spinnerbsits this time of year.  Plastics were still the key.

March 19, 2015

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, Zapata got 3″ of rain.  The lake continues to rise which is much needed.  And even though the lake is rising, our water clarity is really good.

We boated around 35 fish.  In the mix were several small pretty fish, good solid 2# – 2-1/2# fish, along with bass weighing 3# – 4-1/4#.  Several fish were missed, including 3 that were of good size.

These Falcon fish continue to take the bait delicate.  You need to continuously be in tune with your line and bait at all times.  If not, you are going to miss a lot of fish.

The water temps we fished today were 66° – 70° with air temps reaching 80°.

March 13, 2015

Well, the weather was not as predicted today.  It was suppose to be nice and sunny, but actually was the complete opposite. We had an overcast with a good heavy drizzle until around 4:00 today.  After that, the sun finally did come out making for the rest of the afternoon nice.

Water temps in the areas that we fished were in the low 60’s.  The H2O clarity is still good in areas.

Even though the weather wasn’t real good, we still managed to catch 10 fish and missed 4 – 5 bites.

Plastics are still catching fish with a few spinnerbait bites in between. These fish still are not real aggressive when taking the bait.  So keeping a close eye on your line is a must.

Zapata is expecting to have some decent weather days coming up, so give me a call to book a trip.

March 11, 2015

The lake is continuing to rise.  Since this past Sunday, it has come up 4″. We got about 1-1/2″ of rain in a day and a half and this really helps us out tremendously.

Our biggest fish today was a 7.14#, she didn’t quite make 8#.  She was holding in about 4′ of water around the Retama and Huisache trees.

Along with this fish we boated 12 fish. Several fish were in the 3# – 3-1/2# range, along with some small fish.

The 7.14# along with the majority of our other fish were caught on plastics and fluorocarbon line.

You need to fish real slow and be patient with each cast.

Air temps today were in the mid 60’s.  We fished most of the day with an overcast, with the sun peeking through the clouds every now and then.

Water temps ranged from 61° – 64°.  Our lake temps are beginning to warm up so this should help these fish become a little more active.

March 4, 2015

What a beautiful day today! We finally had a good weather for fishing. It actually got up to 80 today, although the sun wasn’t always shining, but there was not any wind, so we could pretty much fish where we wanted and how we wanted.

As I said previously, the lake is still on a slow rise with the water clarity really looking good. With air temps today of 80, we fished water in the 63° – 64° range. It’s actually been a while since I have found water over 59°.

I thought fishing would have been a little better today with the weather and the front that is coming in, but actually it was just ok.

We boated 6 fish today. The majority were all similar in size (2-1/2# – 3#) along with one “dink”. We had several bites that we couldn’t capitalize on, but with the way these fish are biting that’s understandable.

I have some days open, so give me a call to book a trip.

March 3, 2015

I am beginning to think our weather cannot be predicted correctly.  Another day of supposedly sunshine, warmer air temps, with an expected light breeze. Again, we had an overcast, cooler air temps, but we did not have a “breeze”.  Around 2:00 today, the ” breeze” started blowing. I have to laugh, because it was not a breeze, it was downright wind!

Today was a slower day for us.  We only boated 4 fish, but they were all good quality fish. Two were around 3-1/2# and the other two were between 4 and 4-1/2#.

The bite has not changed. It’s still delicate.  If you are not paying attention you are going to miss these bites.

Water clarity is good for this time of year. It seems like this lake is heading in the right direction. Water temps are still in the high 50’s.  We really need some good stable weather days to turn these temps up a bit degree wise.

Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 80’s. Actually its suppose to be a really nice day, but unfortunately we have a cold front blowing in tomorrow evening which is going to pretty much put these fish back in a lethargic mood.

The Double “R” Guide Service is available for trip’s, so if you want to head to Falcon and hire a guide, give us a call!

March 1, 2015

Today was another CRAZY day on the water – weather wise.  It was suppose to be sunny with decent temps, but it wasn’t. Today was cold and damp with an overcast. It actually misted off and on in the morning. Water temps are still cool.

Today we fished water that still reads in the mid to high 50’s. The lake is really looking good with it slowly on the rise.

Also, with the lake coming up the boat ramps are now launching several boats at a time.

Today we caught 8 fish with our biggest weighing over 5#. We also had several in the heavy 4’s.

My fishing pattern has not changed. However, we did throw a spinnerbait in the mix today to see what we could do.  

February 24, 2015 

Got on the water a little late this morning due to the weather. Zapata has had some really crazy weather this entire winter!  It’s basically like a yo-yo, up and down, or in other words warm or cold; along with wind and rain. And today was no different, as it was cool and windy making some areas tough to fish.

We actually did not have too bad of a day. We caught 8 fish with a couple of them being decent fish. Plastics are still working but they have to be fished really slow. If you think you are fishing slow, slow down some more. Chances are you’re not fishing slow enough.

Water temps are still cool.  We fished water 57° – 60°, depending on the location.

February 17, 2015

We hsd somewhat of a tough day today.  We just did not seem to catch the fish that I expected us to.  The majority of our fish caught were small fish and fish in the 2-1/2# – 3# range.  Still catching a few fish off of spinnerbaits, but even the bite on these baits are really delicate.

Water temps are now starting to warm up, found water in the low to mid 60’s today. However, my opinion is that these fish still have not gone into a full spawn mode.  It seems to be taking forever for them to move up on beds.  They are moving up shallower, and actually a couple of times today, we were able to catch more than one fish in the same location.

February 11, 2015

Robin and I went out today to check out some new spots.  The fish were hitting the spinnerbait a little better today.  But since Robin and I were looking for new areas and checking to see what fish were in these areas, I threw the spinnerbait and Robin threw a plastic bait, catching one over 6#. The bite is still real delicate.  At times, it is very hard to tell that you have a fish, so make sure that you watch you line real close and keep in tune with what is going on with your bait.  These fish are not aggressive at all.

There is one thing that I do like that is going on with Falcon right now.  The lake is continuing to come up.  It has now come up another 1″ to 1-1/2″ again.  Man, these fish should be in hog heaven with all of this new water and new areas for them.

February 6, 2015

It has been a month and the lake has come up just about a foot.  We are having goofy weather again, one or two days it’s sunny and warm and then we have cold weather, which seems to take us back to square one! I am still catching a few fish on spinnerbaits, but it is really hard to lay down the plastic bait when it is producing numbers of fish.  The fish have moved a little more shallow.   We are still catching a good number of fish each day, but again finding those big fish is somewhat difficult.  In the numbers of fish that we are catching, we do pick up one or two that weigh 5# – 6#.

January 30, 2015

These fish are becoming more active.  I am finding some 60+ degree water which I really do like. The lake is still coming up and is looking better each day.

Today was a numbers day for us.  We caught around 30 fish today, had several 4’s, a couple of 5’s, and a 6+.  Now not one of these fish had bloody tails, so they are not on beds yet.

A few of these fish were caught on spinnerbaits, so there is a chance that we are going to start throwing some moving baits a little more throughout the day.

Hardwoods are producing a lot of these fish, as each day passes, and as long as the weather is good, these fish are slowing transitioning up towards the shallows.  So in you pull into an area, make sure you fish it thoroughly by casting spinnerbaits and then slowing down and working your plastics.  When working your plastic baits, you must have patience.

January 28, 2015

Today was a good day on the water – weather wise and fishing.  I actually got to wear short sleeves today and didn’t have to wear a jacket.

We caught a good number of fish, with the largest being 8.15#.  She was in 6′ of water and was determined not to get in the boat.  She did not get her way, so she was boated, weighed, and released.  This fish did not have any signs of spawning yet, so we are still waiting for that to take place.  But we are getting closer.

I know that I sound like a broken record, but plastics are still the “go to” bait.  You can pick up a fish here and there on a spinnerbait, but right now they are few and far between. 25# Fluorocarbon is still the key, along with a light weight.  These fish seem to want the bait moving slow if they want it to move at all.  

January 21, 2015 We are now back to decent weather, actually for a couple of days now, and the lake level is still coming up!!

Fishing has been tough somewhat, we are only catching around 10 – 15 fish a day.  What fish we are catching have moved up some, but nothing drastic.

Plastics are still my main bait, as what fish I was catching on crankbaits, are now few and far between.

I have noticed that water temps have increased a tad. But unfortunately, I am still looking for the spawn to take place.  Man, I sure wished that these fish would go ahead and “do their do” as the anticipation is really wearing on me!

Something else I have been noticing is that there are an awful lot of Pelican’s on the water.  At times, it looks like just a big white patch of feathers on the water.

January 18, 2015

I really like it when I can report that the lake is continuing to come up a few inches a day!!  It is really looking much better and it should help fishing. We have had a few days of stable weather, it almost seems like late spring around here.

Water temps are slowing creeping into the high 50’s and stretching across that 60° mark, but that is about it for now.  I know that we are not through with winter yet, as I checked the weather for the next couple of days, and mother nature is going to throw a kink our way.  She is predicting that we are going to have a few days of cold weather again, WHICH DOES NOT HELP ONE BIT! These poor fish are probably some of the most confused fish around.  Warm weather for a couple of days and then cold weather to follow.  Without consistent days of warm weather, the water temps just cannot continue to rise and slows these fish down.  

January 15, 2015

The sun is out and it was a really nice day!! The lake continues to come up and so should the water temperatures!

Water temps are still in the low to mid 50’s, but with this warmer weather, the water should start warming up more.

These fish are starting to migrate and can be found along the creek edges. I am catching a few fish on crank baits, but still am having better luck with plastics.  I am still waiting for the spawn to break loose, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

More bites are coming off of fluorocarbon line versus mono or braid.  Now keep in mind, that you may break off a few more times with fluorocarbon, but you will also get more bites.

In all, we caught about 30 fish today, several were small fish, but the majority were  2-1/2# to 3# fish.  We did have a couple fish that weighed a little over 4#.  I know that some folks really don’t like catching the small fish, but it is really good to see them in our lake.  

January 12, 2015

Falcon is still on the rise, not fast, but it is “creeping” up a few inches, here and there.

We have had a couple of days of pretty cold weather, especially for Zapata.  Matter of fact, it’s in the 30’s with a nice misting rain. These fish just aren’t ready to spawn yet, as the air and water temperatures are not cooperating for them.  However, the buck bass are starting to get a little more active than the last few weeks.  These fish are definitely starting to stage as they prepare themselves for the spawn ahead.

Right now, the bite is very “delicate” and is hard to detect at times.  You really need to pay attention to your line, as most of the time, it is moving away from the location that you originally casted your bait.

Plastics are still working great — looks like these fish prefer smaller profile baits versus the larger profiled baits. A few 4 – 5 pound fish are being caught, but not as many as I would like.

Water temps are in the low 50’s, and I sure do wish that we could get these temps up just a bit more.  

January 7, 2015

It is raining here in Zapata.  No fishing today, but that is acceptable, as we sure do need every drop that we can get.

January 6, 2015

Let me start off by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.  It seems like we just started 2014 doesn’t it, and now we are in 2015.

The lake is starting to look better and is slowly on the rise.

Fishing has been tough, those big ole “moss backs” that we all like to catch and that Falcon Lake is known for, are few and far between.  Right now we are catching about 15 fish a day.

Plastics are working good, and once in a blue moon you can pick up a fish off of a crank bait.

Since this lake has been dropping, there is not a whole lot of structure of these bass to hold onto.  Right now the main hardwoods are the key.  The spawn has not kicked off yet.  Although, I am thinking in early December, we may have had a spawn.  But, we do have another one coming eventually.

Falcon has been having really strange weather.  One day it is nice and warm and the next day, it is cold.  This also will delay the spawn, as the cold weather forces the water temps to drop and the colder the water, the more the spawn is pushed back.

September 14, 2014

Headed to Springtown, Texas to celebrate, Rowdy, our grandson’s 1 year birthday.  Man, I have not seen anyone get so many presents, especially for his age.  I know without a doubt that he will be busy playing with all of his neat toys that he received for a while.

August 26, 2014

I am now back in Zapata, and will be hitting the water tomorrow.  It’s been nice to have a break but now I am ready to get back to doing what I enjoy.  FISHING!!

Robin and I have purchased improvements on one of the lots at Lakefront Lodge which consist of an awning for our trailer, a nice fenced in area, a small yard for Penny, and a storage shed that we believe will finally be big enough to house all of our fishing stuff.  We will be moving onto this lot the first of September and are looking forward to having some good ole’ shade over our trailer, provided by the awning.  The South Texas heat sure can make a trailer really hot with it sitting out in the open.

July 31, 2014

Today Robin retired from her job of 32 years.  Up until now, she was working a full time job and helping me guide part time; and back and forth between Zapata and San Antonio quite a bit.  Now she can stay in Zapata with me and be on the water more often.  Or as Robin says, every day.  

July 16, 2014

I have decided to head to San Antonio to relax and give my back a brake from fishing.  When I get back on the water, I will provide a report for all.

June 10, 2014

I have not had any trips for a few days now, which unfortunately, may be good, as my back has been bothering me some.  Even though I may not have trips, I do keep up with what is going on with our lake.  It can be pretty tough to loose track of what this lake is doing, as it can possibly change from a day to day basis.

We are continuing to drop still. A lot of the Retama and Huisache bushes are exposed as well as the Salt Cedars and Beanie Bushes.  Man, these fish have a mind of their own, seems like they have their own thoughts as to what patterns they should be in now and not according to the seasons.

May 19, 2014

Today is Robin’s birthday, so we went out to see if we could  find a few fish here on Falcon. The lake continues to drop, as we go into our summer months.  I sure do wish that we could stay at a consistent level with our lake, as it sure would help these fish out.

Robin and I were able to pick up a few fish today, but just did not find any big fish.

Right now, Texas rigged plastics are the go to bait.  However, the bite just is not very aggressive.  These fish act like they just don’t want to commit to taking the bait like they should.

Typical colors – watermelons along with green pumpkin are good all around colors to use.

May 12, 2014

No trip today, but I am giving you our present lake level so that you can see just how quickly our lake is dropping right now. Falcon is presently 29.80’ low – since April 29th, it has dropped close to 3’. Now tell me that won’t change a game plan when you are going fishing.

May 3, 2014

Our lake continues to drop as I type this. Just about the time that we get our lake at a good depth, it starts to release water, which is natural and expected every year. I just wished that everyone who depends on this water in our lake, including us fishermen, could find a “happy medium” and not have to lose so much of its water this time of year. We could not have asked for better weather than what we had yesterday and today. Today was hotter, mid 90’s, sunny, and a very slight breeze. Actually, I like it when we have a slight breeze vs. no wind at all.

Both boats ventured back over to the Mexican side to start again. Fishing the same pattern as yesterday, outside of shallow brush lines seemed to have the most consistent bites.

Boat #1 did not have any big fish today, but we were able to boat 13 or so fish – with our biggest fish weighing 3-1/2#, along with several in the 3# range.

Again, we decided to play the slow and patient game and it seemed to help again.

Boat #2 had the big fish today. It weighed 5# and was caught first thing in the morning on a moving bait. A total of 10 fish were caught with a couple over 3#.

Right now, fishing Falcon is a guessing game. You pretty much have to be in the right area and the right time.

If you are planning on fishing Falcon, you need to consistently watch this lake level. When it drops this quick it can change quite a bit from one 24 hour period to the next and it will affect these fish. They pay close attention to the water level dropping and so should you.

May 2, 2014 

Day 1 of our 2 day guide trips was productive. We were guiding a group of friends who were fishing Falcon for the first time. The weather was great; borderline 90° weather. You could not have asked for a better day. It was cloudy to partly cloudy and just an all around great day to be on the water.

The fish are holding in 6’ – 10’ of water on the outside of brush lines along ledges and are continuing to move out as the lake falls.

I was Boat #1 and Robin was Boat #2 and we both started on the Mexican side. My boat caught an 8#, 6#, and numerous fish in the 3# – 4# range. Our best 5 fish for the day went a little over 22#. A total of 10 – 11 fish were caught. I actually caught the 8. I had not been doing much fishing. I do this so that my client’s can fish these areas that they need to fish. But I had decided to pick up a spinnerbait and throw to areas out of their way, just to have something to do for a few minutes, and BAM, there she was, she hit my spinnerbait like she hadn’t eaten in a week! Even though neither of them caught her, they were both excited about boating her and were laughing that I was fishing an “out of place” area and there she was! This goes to show that you never know, and it just takes “ONE CAST”.

Boat #2 boated 4 fish for the day, fishing brush lines as well, with their biggest fish weighing 4-1/2#. The majority of these fish out of both boats came off of plastics, except for the 8 pounder.

Remember I said the bite is slow and you have to be patient. Here’s pictures of the 8 and 6…………   

  Falcon Guide Trip 8 5 2 14            Falcon Guide Trip Bob 5 2 14

April 30, 2014

Robin and I have trips coming up so today was a scout trip for both of us. We decided to look at different areas than what we had been fishing, checking water depths, and if fish were holding in these areas being checked and at what depths; along with which baits are working best for these conditions.

Today was a really nice day. I think that Zapata has finally started getting the weather that she is known for. It was sunny with a slight wind, which helps this lake at times.

Also, this time of year, Falcon’s water level starts to drop tremendously as the farmer’s in Mexico start to draw our water for their crops. And it has begun right now Falcon is dropping about 3” a day. This is a quick drop for our lake and if it continues to fall at this rate, we will be back down to 40’ low in no time.

The bite is slow and you really have to be patient and pay attention, as the majority of the time, you will not know if you actually have a fish on. The lake level right now is 26’ low – this is not going to last long though as the lake is dropping several inches a day right now

March 19, 2014

Falcon has been fishing slower for quite some time now.  The lake continues to rise, so a lot of the cover that was exposed is now slowly disappearing; which makes for new places for these Falcon bass to hid out.

The water temps are ranging in the mid 60’s.  Actually, the water we fished today was 66.3° and that was on the south end of the lake. We continue to have “mild” fronts moving in and out which makes it difficult for these fish to adapt to these sudden and quick temperature changes.

Today’s weather was cloudy with a slight breeze blowing around 10 mph. We actually boated 10 – 12 fish today, with our largest being a little over 7#.  Along with these fish, we jumped a few off and broke a big fish off.

As I have reported my last few trips, moving baits are still the key to hooking up with these Falcon Lake bass.  And one advantage to throwing moving baits is that you can cover a lot of water if necessary while you are looking for that right area holding fish.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring which means that Zapata should start seeing some nice days as far as weather.

So if you decide to venture on down to South Texas and visit Zapata for a couple of days, give me a call @ 956-857-7314 and I will be glad to take you out, show you the lake, and see about catching those Falcon bass.

March 2, 2014

Today was a 1/2 day morning trip.  Again, we fished mid lake and continued to move north as the morning went on.

The water temp was 66.3° so it is continuing to warm back up.

The lake is still coming up and it  is now 24.59′ low.  But, we will continue to take every inch that we can get. The weather was nice from the get go.  It was pleasant from the moment we got on the water to when we got off and continued throughout the day.

We boated 2 fish and also lost 2 fish, all around the same size range – 2-1/2# – 4#, all good consistant weights.

Moving baits are still the key to catching these fish and the bites are still difficult to detect.  You would think on moving baits that the bite would be more aggressive, but it is not.

I do have some days open, so if you are interested in a trip, give me a call @ 956-857-7314 and we’ll go out “hunting” for those ole’ green backs that everyone enjoys catching here at Falcon.

March 1, 2014

For today, I took a couple out who was expecting their first baby.  Our biggest fish weighed just shy of 6# and boated 4 other fish; while fishing mid lake and moving north. The morning started out foggy but as the day went on, the fog burned off, and the weather was enjoyable.

Moving baits are still the way to go, although the bite is very delicate.  These fish just are not real aggressive and at times even knock the bait out of the way instead of taking it.

The water temp is now 65.7°, so it is starting to warm up again.  Man, just imagine what will happen if and when Falcon has several good stable weather days. Here’s Josh with his 5.13#.

February 27, 2014

You know, Zapata has really had a cold winter this year and with the weather see-sawing so much, it has the capability of really affecting these fish and at times has succeeded.  So I went out today with Phil to check on my fish after this cold front blew in yesterday. Phil is a Winter Texan that comes down every year from California to fish Falcon; and him and his wife practically fish everyday while they are in Zapata.

The water temp has dropped about 5° and quickly, it is now 63° – 65° depending on the location.

Phil and I managed to get 6 fish in the boat and actually missed 4 other fish.  Our biggest fish weighed 4#.   Not a bad day for a cold front hitting Zapata!

February 25, 2014

Had a trip today and took out Mark and Dan and we had a pretty good day today and finally got some fish in the boat.

We boated 10 fish with the largest being 6.14# and another was just short of 5#.  We did break off a big fish plus, another nice one.  And actually lost around 5 fish and missed another 6 or 7. We started fishing about 7:30 this morning and around 1:30, Mark and Dan told me “we’ve had a good day—let’s go in”!  I enjoyed fishing with Mark and Dan, they are great guys.

The weather was nice and sunny – actually short sleeved weather.

Here’s a good fish for the day……

February 22 – 23, 2014

Robin and I finally got to spend some time together this past weekend and you guessed it, we went fishing!

The lake is slowly coming up as today it is 24.72’ low, not bad considering where we were a few months ago. We have been having decent weather lately—cool in the mornings and nice and sunny during the day, but on Saturday, it took the sun a little longer to come out but Sunday, mother nature was right back to her usual self and we saw the sun fairly early.

On Saturday, we had 15 bites but were able to only put 5 fish in the boat with a 5-1/2# being the biggest fish for the day.

Now, Sunday was slower with just 5 bites, but with a 7-1/2# being our largest fish.

Water temps ranged between 65° – 66° depending on where we fished and we did try a variety of baits, but moving baits seemed to work the best. Pictures of the 5-1/2# and the 7-1/2#………


January 28, 2014

Believe it or not, Zapata has been having some cold weather!  It actually snowed here for a “brief” few minutes! With the cold weather, our water is dropping.  Just a few days ago, it was ranging from the mid 50’s to 64°, and now it is 53° – 55°.

Just about the time that we start bragging the lake is coming up and it’s looking good, it starts dropping again.  Today, it dropped 1” since yesterday.  I was really hoping that the lake would be able to either stay at this level or come up more, but not drop.

Falcon is still fishing tough with this cold weather we are having along with the lake level now dropping.  There still aren’t many bites taking place during the day, however; what bites you are getting, about ½ of them are decent fish ranging from around 4# – 8-1/2# or so. It’s time for me to head back out on the water for another “cool” day of weather and checking out what these ole’ green backs are doing.

Check out this picture of Zapata’s snow…….

January 21, 2014

I made it back down to Zapata a little over a week ago, as I have been at home for some time now trying to get my back in shape as I have been preparing for my upcoming trips and spending time on the water. Being on the water every day, is like someone doing a “football wave”, you start in one area and slowly transcend down the lake looking in every “crook and nanny” that you can find, looking for fish. And right now, we have a lot of these areas as our lake is still on the rise, which makes us right at 25’ low, actually 8’ higher than we were last year at this time.  With the water on the rise, a lot of what has been dry for a long time is now in the water and giving these ole’ Falcon bass new areas for roaming.

The water temps are ranging in the high 50’s to 64, depending on which end of the lake you are fishing and the water is unusually clear for this time of year in the shallows.

This lake is still not fishing like the Falcon that we have all grown to love.  The days of going out and boating 70 – 80 fish a day are few and far between and have been for a while now; which does concern me, as Falcon as always been known as a lake to give up quantity and quality.  And finding either right now is really tough.

You are starting to see some fish shallow, however, they are still really spooked, so catching these fish are a little difficult yet, as they have not settled down. Most of the days that I have been out, I have caught just a few fish each day, having to work at finding these fish.  And when I say a few fish, I mean a few.

My best day so far has been this past Sunday, having 7 bites, but only setting the hook on 3 to check out the quality of fish that that are on the move.  Of those three bites, they were good quality fish, 8-1/2, 7, and around a 4 or so.

There are several patterns catching fish – Texas rigs, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.  So a variety of patterns are being served up to these fish.

Zapata has been providing some really nice weather for several days now which has a tendency to help settle these fish down, but we are expecting another front to come through in the next day or so, which again will “shake” thinks up and change our fishing conditions, one more time…..but these fish can be caught, it just takes consistency and patience. I want to share a few pictures that I took of our clear shallow water…….


and some of our “new” fishable water…..             

October 24,  2013

Good news! Falcon has started to come up–we are just about 27.95′  low which would put us at the 273.25 mark, and in the last 3 – 4 days the lake has come up approximately 3″ or so. I would anticipate that it is now going to slow up a bit, but this is great for our lake.  We will take every inch that we can get!! Since Falcon is coming up, when running the lake, you should have a watchful eye.   As with any lake that has water rising, you get all kinds of items floating down the river, so use good judgement when you decide to run. Also keep in mind that the water will be off color with it rising as well.  But after a couple of days, it should start settling and begin to clear up again.

Typically, the north end right now is more off color than the south end, with the back of creeks and pockets holding the clearer water also.

For those who are curious about the bridge under Highway 83, we have about 9′ – 10′ of water under it now; something that we haven’t had for awhile here.

With the lake rising you have new areas to fish that have been out of the water for a while.  There is alot of new timber, rocks, and flooded grass off of the banks that should start holding fish.  Try working some moving baits up  in the new water and see if you can get a reaction bite going.

All I can say is thank goodness, it’s about time we got some new water in the lake and I would think with this new water, these ole’ fish are going to start getting a little more aggressive and wanting to eat as they are going into our fall months and getting ready for “Old Man Winter”.

Hey, if you are thinking about heading down to Falcon, the Double “R” has some days open, so give us a call, as we would like to take you out, show you just how neat Falcon is while we catch a few fish as well.

October 22,  2013

Had a 1/2 day trip on Choke Canyon today.  It’s been awhile since I had any trips at Choke and I was shocked at the development that has taken place all through Three Rivers, Texas and on the way to the lake.

We launched at Calliham State Park and made our way out to the main lake, which is about 20′ low as I type this.

I was thinking that moving baits were going to be the key, but in the end, texas rigged plastics ended up being the rig of the day.

No big fish were caught, but alot of water was fished.

Since the weather had cooled off a bit, it was 59 degrees in the morning and warming up to around 82 by time the afternoon rolled around; with a slight breeze.  It was actually a really nice day for fishing and spending on the water.

October 16,  2013

Reports all over the internet and the Mississippi TV channels are that the 17 year old suspect that shot Jimmy has been arrested and has now confessed to the murder.  This is such a young age to have done something so tragic and now he will be charged with capital murder.

But, I am asking all of our fellow Texans and anglers to please mark their calendars for Saturday, December 7th, as a group of us are going to put on a benefit tournament for Jimmy’s wife, Mona.  The tournament will be held on Jimmy’s home lake, Coleto Creek – located between Victoria and Goliad, Texas and will be a team tournament.  All money collected will be donated to the Johnson family.  All entries who place will receive plaques and a prize for placing.  Jimmy was very well liked in the State of Texas and amongst all fellow anglers, and he always helped those who were in need of help.

So, now we are asking you to come forward and help make this event a success for the Johnson family. More details will be forthcoming.  So for right now put a big star on the date and make plans to fish with us and remember Jimmy and his love for fishing. If you are unable to make the tournament a website has been set up that will allow you to donate funds as well. Please go to:  https://squareup.com/market/anglers-for-access

October 14,  2013

Robin and I have just received a call that a really good friend and fellow angler, Jimmy Johnson, was tragically shot this evening around 7:45 in Mississippi.  Right now reports are that Jimmy heard someone around his boat and walked outside of his motel room to see what was going on.  At that time, a confrontation took place, and Jimmy was shot.  This is a tragic and unnecessary death.  And we can only hope that the killer is found.

September 30, 2013

Took a couple of clients out today.  We were able to have a really nice day with our weather and boated fish.

Our biggest fish weighed a little over 6#.

Falcon is still low, however, it has started coming up, as you can see in the photo taken at the State Park on the south end of the lake.

Here’s a picture of the 6 and the boat ramp down south…


September 14, 2013

HE’S A KEEPER!   Robin and I traveled to Decatur, TX and witnessed the birth of our first grandson on September 14th.  Rowdy Allen McFarlane was born at 10:33 a.m., weighing 8.6#, and 20-1/2” long, with the darkest blue eyes and a head full of hair.  The majority of the nurses that were on duty were calling him “little man” as he did not look like a new born when he was born. Mom and Dad are doing great and are really excited.  They are already planning on looking into a roping pony for Rowdy.  And needless to say, Robin is already planning for Christmas and he is just a few hours old.

September 12, 2013

As the cooler temperatures start to take hold on Falcon, big changes in fishing patterns takes place for us anglers as well. Like any other of nature’s creatures in the wild, they tend to become more active this time of year as they prepare for the upcoming winter months and….bass are no different, as they become easier to catch this time of year. So where do you look for fall bass?  Well generally, around structure that’s in the lake around those large concentrations of baitfish or shad. With the first of the fall season, you need to generally pick an area to start fishing.  You can start where the bass were holding in their summer pattern – which is generally in deeper water.  From there, start working shallow until you find the magic depth where these concentrations of fish are holding.  Pretty much, fish will primarily hold on the main lake points, move up to secondary point, and then continue to move up into the shallows and into the backs of our creeks. Also during the fall months, our fish will start moving and become aggressive feeders as they start to feed up for the upcoming winter months that are just around the corner.  These fish will gorge themselves in anticipation of the cold winter months that lie ahead.  So, as these baitfish move up, these ole’ greenbacks follow, kind of like a cat and mouse game. Now since the major food of choice in Falcon is shad and bream, ideal colors for lures are those that should mimic the food choice.  Since the bass eventually move to shallow areas along the banks in the backs of creeks, they tend to stay longer in these areas, which mean that you will have a longer period to catch these fish than during other months of the year. When the bass are active, keep in mind that throwing moving baits can be to your advantage.  However, if you don’t like throwing moving baits, try throwing some tubes and jigs. Once you do locate the fall bass, you should be able to rely on catching these fish in the same area for several weeks, due to their migration moves being very gradual. BUT, when you are able to find these bass on Falcon, I do ask that you please do not keep everything that you catch.  Please release our fish back into the lake so that they may continue to produce for many years to come.  That’s why Falcon has been so well known for the fish that are caught — these fish have been released over, and over, and over back into our waters.

Medical Update – I have now gone through 3 sets of steroidal injection treatments in my back and right now I am in a holding pattern to see if I am going to see if these treatments have done the trick or if I am going to need to pursue having some of my nerves cauterized.

And….on another note……Robin and I are waiting on a very special phone call that will let us know that our first grandson is on the way. When that call comes in, we will be heading to Decatur for a few days to help out our son, Codie and Lauren with their new arrival.

July 18, 2013

With my first series of injections behind me, I am able to hit the water again.

Today, I took a father and his son out.  You could not have asked for a better day weather wise.

The air temperature was a bit warm – high 90’s upward to 100°, but we had light winds, which allowed us to fish anywhere that we wanted without having to worry about fighting the wind for the day.

We caught 15 fish for the day, 2 over 5 and with 3 that hit the scales around 4-1/2 or so.  The rest of the fish were under, but they still fought good.

Right now there is no set pattern. The fish are pretty much hitting a variety of baits that are being thrown at them.  Patience is still the virtue. Being able to go out today sure did feel good.

It has been awhile since I have been able to go out with little pain. I do have a 2nd series of shots in San Antonio coming up on July 22nd, which is between my trips that are scheduled.   So, I will be headed back down to Zapata on July 23rd to start preparing for my upcoming trips.

It’s nice to be able to get back into the swing of things, and hit the water with my clients. My calendar has some days open in August for bookings. So…head on down to Falcon and give me a call.  And remember, not only does Falcon have big fish, but it also has some of the greatest history along the banks and in the water that you can see. Fish from today–they aren’t big but they are fun to catch.


July 8, 2013

Some of you may have noticed that our website has not had much activity on it lately, which unfortunately, I have not been able to take trips like I have wanted.  For the last 7 or so weeks, I have had terrible pains and numbness in my upper back, neck, and left arm, making it very difficult to do certain things, like drive a boat, a truck, or fish.  After putting this off for several weeks, it was time for me to go to the doctor and see what was causing this.  After numerous visits, x-rays, and an mri, it was determined that I have problems between my C5 –C7 disc.  It seems that my nerves are sitting against my cartilage in these areas.  A week ago today, I had a series of the steroidal injections into these areas to see if this would help with the pain. After the injections, the doctor told me he wanted me to go about my normal routine and see if I would continue to have any difficulty doing day to day activities.

So, Robin and I went down to Falcon on Tuesday (July 2) to fish for a few days and see how I would feel. I was able to fish without the severe pain that I had experienced, however, at times; I did feel some discomfort, but nothing as miserable as it was before the injections.

The weather was really nice for us, almost perfect for fishing and especially for Falcon.

The air temperatures ranged from 96 to 101 with a slight breeze at times.  Although there were a couple of days that we did not have any wind, and if you are not used to this kind of weather, it could be ranked as miserable.

Water temps ranged from 82 – 86 each day, depending on which part of the lake you fished.

Now fishing wise, we caught a lot of small fish, with our biggest fish each day weighing around 6 pounds.

I did book a trip on Saturday, with a father and son out of Laredo.  The father was celebrating his birthday, which was ironic, as I was celebrating my birthday this same day as well.

The air temps were unusually warm with no breeze, but we were able to boat several small keeper fish along with our biggest fish weighing around 7 pounds for the day.

On July 22nd, I am scheduled for a 2nd set of injections and hopefully, that will completely take care of this problem with my back.  If not, it will more than likely be one more series of injections, and then the doc and I will discuss what else should be done.

Right now I do have some days open, so if you want to visit the great town of Zapata and do a little fishing on Falcon, give me a call.  As you know Falcon is known for big fish, and these fish are waiting to be caught, weighed, a picture taken and then released back in our lake.

May 21, 2013

To all of the Double “R” Guide Service friends that we have met through guide trips in the past year’s from the Oklahoma area, our prayers and thoughts go out to each and every one of you during this time of devastation.  May you find the strength and guidance needed to get you down this tragic path and on the road to recovery.   

May 20, 2013

I know that post from the Double “R” have been few and far between lately as I have not been able to get on the water due to having problems along with pain in my upper back and neck, so I have been “nursing” them now for a couple of weeks hoping that I can get it back to normal and soon.

Falcon has been on the rise since April, where at that time, it was 44’ low and is now slowly rising and is actually about 38-1/2’ low; with hopes that it continues to rise.

I do have some trips coming up the next few days so I will be hitting the water to get a feel of what Falcon is doing and to see if both my upper back and neck will be able to handle the physical aspect challenge of fishing.

So, stay tuned, we will have fishing reports coming up shortly.

May 1, 2013

Even though there are not many boats on the water right now, making this lake look like a “‘ghost town”, there are still a few reports of some quality fish being caught here and there.

However, my trips are consisting of  decent fish being caught, but we have not been able to boat any of those quality fish that are being reported.

April 30, 2013

I know I am sounding like a broken record that just won’t quit playing, but this lake still has not lived up to its potential as it should be for this time of year.

The water on the north end of the lake is extremely off color versus the water on the south end which still has a better clarity to it. Since the Elite’s were here the week of March, the lake has dropped a good 11’ or so.  So a lot of the spots that these pros were fishing are now out of the water.  Actually, this lake is fishing much smaller which should make these fish concentrated, but I think they have gotten wiser and have decided to spread out as much as possible from one end of the lake to the complete opposite end. With the lake dropping like it has, those of you who are still choosing to launch at the county ramp, as you come out to get to the main lake, you now will see the “famous” Veleno Bridge in full view.  This bridge is known to have claimed many props in the past years.  Years ago, a portion of this bridge was blown out for access to the main lake.  So now, when you come up to the bridge, you need to HUG the bridge along the orange protector due to the road bed under the water to the right of the bridge.  I would suggest not blowing out of the Veleno’s to get to the main lake, but to idle past the bridge to be safe.   Also, launching at the county ramp by yourself is also a task as you have to back way down the boat ramp to get your boat off of the trailer. Now the last couple of days the lake has started to rise.  On Monday, it rose .76 and yesterday it actually rose .65; which is great, but keep your fingers crossed that this water can stay in our lake and not be released. Here are a few pictures of the Veleno Bridge and the small boat ramp on the back side of Lake Front that several of the Elite Pros were able to launch the week of their tournament.    As you can see, this boat ramp is no longer accessible and just has a small trickle of water running. 1st picture is the Veleno Bridge, 2nd picture is the end of the bridge where you need to hug it, & the 3rd picture is the small boat ramp.


The Double “R” does have some openings at this time, so if you are interested in fishing Falcon and looking at some of the past history that is now exposed on our lake, give us a call.      

February 19, 2013

Today’s trip was like Falcon has been in the past, as we had a total of 26 fish boated—with 2 over 7#, three over 6#, and one that weighed 5#.  Our best 5 weighed a little over 34#. The water temperature is still on the rise, as it is registering 67.7°.  And once again the weather is great. As in my other post, plastics and crank baits are your “go to” baits and you can still pick up a fish on spinner baits, but these bites are sporadic.  Don’t expect to come down to Falcon and fish fast, because that just isn’t working for these fish right now—so key in on 2 words – slow and patient. I actually did not fish the whole time today as I wanted my client’s to catch the fish that we were in.  But, when the bite slowed down, I would pick my rod up and make cast around the area.  And by doing this boated a fish weighing 7.3#. If this kind of fishing continues, Falcon is definitely on the come back!!! Here are pictures from today’s trip…a 7.6, 7.3, and a 6.4…….


February 18, 2013

I had a ½ day trip today boating 8 fish and missing 4 fish.  The largest fish today weighed 6.3# and we also had a 4.0#.  The water temperature has now come up a bit, as it is now 65.8°.  Again, plastics and crank baits are the primary ways to fish, although you can catch a few on spinnerbaits.

February 17, 2013

Falcon fished really tough today! We had 4 bites, and only 4 bites, and did not get one in the boat, take this and add it to winds gusting around 31 mph, made it just a brutal day for us.

February 16, 2013

I really wished Falcon would find her old self and start giving us consistent days, but it just isn’t happening.  We boated 12 fish today, 2 over 5#, several  4’s, and some 3’s.  Mother Nature has now decided that she has been nice to us for long enough and is now throwing some pretty tough winds our way. Plastics, crank baits are working, but the bite is just real delicate.  So you really have to pay attention and be patient.

February 12, 2013

Today was a little bit slower than Sunday, with us only boating 7- 8 fish.  The biggest fish boated weighed 6-1/2#.  Crank baits and plastics seem to be the choice of the baits by these ole’ ornery fish right now.

February 11, 2013

Today was not really a bad day.  We caught 17 fish, which lately has been good for numbers, with our biggest fish weighing 5-1/2#.  The weather has really been cooperating lately, as we have had several really good days as far as the air temperature and wind. 

February 10, 2013

Today was a good day with us boating 18 fish, with our biggest fish weighing 3-1/2#. The weather has really been great lately, as we have had several really good days as far as the air temperature and wind temperature is concerned.

For those who would like to give Falcon a try, give the Double “R” a call, as we would enjoy taking you out for a day. Here’s to good fishin’…….


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